Veterans with PTSD needed (NOW) for Cannabis Study!

Your country needs you!

Leading cannabis influencer, Dr. Sue Sisley, finally received the go-signal to launch a possibly groundbreaking study of the effects of cannabis and American veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Yet, after seven long years of waiting for DEA’s approval, the program is actually struggling to find qualified volunteers.

Seventy-six veterans are needed for the study to commence but the strict parameters narrowed down 4,000 applicants to just 22 qualified ones. Some figures state that more than one in ten veterans return to civilian life with debilitating PTSD and the numbers of those having found successful treatment are even worse.

In an unprecedented comprehensive analysis, the research is to focus on PTSD in combat veterans – a major, difficult to treat condition that our generation has found to be a leading public health issue. cannabis is highly successful, but since veterans derive their resources from the Federal government, it can prove a little dicey when they want to use cannabis as treatment instead of typical psychiatric methods, as weed is completely illegal at the Federal level. Also, as it is a Schedule I drug, mandated government approved studies are absolutely rare. Despite gaining the support of DEA and American Legion, Dr. Sisley says that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is hindering to greater patient access.

Marijuana as non-negotiable

The VA is firm on their decision of preventing their doctors from even discussing cannabis as possible treatment. Prescriptions of dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals with no common alternative is the default treatment. Sisley’s study could provide legitimate evidence that cannabis is more than an alternative treatment, it is a more effective one.

Because of VA’s lack of support for even discussing the study with potential candidates, Sisley pointed out that their sheer volume of patients would invariably boost the number of qualified participants. However, VA Press Secretary Curt Cashour stated that,”Federal law restricts VA’s ability to conduct research involving medical marijuana, or to refer veterans to such research projects. The researcher is free to work with veterans service organizations and state veterans officials who may not face such restrictions to identify candidates for her study.”

With many hurdles in its history – DEA delays, NIDA restrictions, Sisley’s own dismissal from the University of Arizona for participation, and withdrawal of a second testing site – the study is at risk for getting pulled if it doesn’t have enough qualified patients.  

Time is Ticking, Sign up Now

You can help the study continue by getting in touch with MAPS on their website to volunteer.

Qualified applicants should have a history of treatment-resistant PTSD. Ideal candidates should have a disability rating from the VA, and can have traumatic brain injuries, but must be otherwise healthy.

*** October 1 is the deadline for meeting the target number of research participants ***

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