Ultimate Guide to Buying and Using Herb Scales

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Weed scales are important to measure the right amount marijuana quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking into buying one into the internet, you might just have found out that there is a wide variety to choose from. And before jumping into buying one, there are a few things to consider.

First, remind yourself about your personal situation and  why you are buying a weed scale to begin with. Then, you must know your priorities. Whether you choose functionality over affordability or vice versa, in any of these cases, there is a scale that is fit  for you.

Here are some of the different types of weed scales and their specifications:

  1. Small pocket scale



This are very practical for the right person. One of the main advantage of using this is it’s very portable and more precise than bigger weed scales. In fact, it can measure to a hundredth of a gram, and it is unlikely that you’ll need anything more specific than that anyway. In fact, one-tenth of a gram is generally precise enough for any pot weighing.

Pocket scales measure to a hundredth of a gram.That being said, there are also certain downfalls to having a small pocket scale. For example, they pretty much can only be used for weighing weed. If you want to use it for more than one purpose beside weeds, then you probably should seek for a bigger scale.

  1. Large platform scale

Large platform scale is the best choice for those looking to weigh all their weed at once. The platform on a large platform scale is usually 36 square inches (6 inches wide by 6 inches tall), making it about twice as large as an average small pocket scale.

Of course as expected, the size of a large platform scale does come with certain downfalls. For example, it simply is not as easy to transport , especially discreetly,  as a small pocket scale. If this is an issue for you, but you don’t want a pocket scale (because of its size) luckily there is at least one option for a portable large platform scale.  T

  1. Stealth scales

Marijuana users and producers have had to be extremely creative over the last few decades. Stealth scales are a perfect example of this creative innovation.

If you are able use a small digital scale, there is a variety of scales that look like other items. Examples of small stealth scales include flip phones, candy bar phones, a computer mouse, or even an ash tray. These objects often include some kind of storage compartment as well, which means that if you need to hide your stash of weed in addition to weighing it, then the small stealth scale serves a useful dual purpose.

  1. Hand scale

If you are not into battery powered digital scales, then you may want to go old-fashioned kind of scale: the hand scale. Although It is not as accurate as a digital scale,  it still weighs to the gram rather than the tenth of a gram. If accuracy is what matter most to you, then you might want reconsider this one.
However, if you’re not bothered with accuracy, then a hand scale can be an excellent choice. Hook it onto a bag holding weed, and it will show you how much it weighs. It is as simple as that! Plus, you can store it anywhere – cold (or hot) weather will not negatively affect it.

  1. Milligram Weed Scales

For weighing extremely small marijuana, milligram weed scales may meet your needs. It has  the ability to measure down to 0.001 grams. Some models can even measure 0.0001 grams. The ultra-precise scale is used measuring dabs or a dose of concentrate made by extracting THC or other cannabinoids from cannabis.

Accuracy of Weed Scales

It is inevitable that there will be some inaccuracies that can occur when it comes to measuring. For example, getting the right quantity of the same amount of weed on two different scales may result in different value. A good scale is as close as possible to the standard value.

Tips in Buying a Weed Scale

Here are some tips in buying a Weed Scale:

  1. make sure any scale you choose actually measures in grams.
  2. consider the accuracy of the scale. It should measure to at least a tenth of a gram, if not a hundredth.
  3. Of course, know your budget and your necessities.

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