Top Weed Apps for 420-Friendly Singles -Find Your Canna-Mate!

Maybe you partake a few times a week and only in certain company. Or, perhaps, you’re a heavy consumer who owns some promising marijuana stock, has bud tending on their resume and is always growing a plant or two on the balcony. Let’s face it, you can be attractive, balanced, well put together, but if “420 enthusiast” is in your Tinder bio, dating can get awkward.

Luckily, the online dating industry has risen up to provide 420-friendly singles many options in their somewhat uphill battle to find like-minded people, with whom their date might become a great toke session.

Couples Who Toke Together, Stay Together

There are many reasons why couples who enjoy weed together make good life partners.
Marijuana brings people together with the common interest of enjoying cannabis-infused conversation and all the fantastic sensual benefits of combining weed’s effects with that of pheromones.

Many 420-friendly singles emerging into the dating world often hate to have “the conversation” where they need to disclose their marijuana use and worry about being judged.

Finding a cannabis-enthusiast who is also a partner can remove the unease of those first crucial conversations and of course completely eliminate the potential feelings of judgement that are sadly commonplace in the cannabis world. First-date jitters turn into romantic traditions if two people can connect first with a calming smoking or vape session.

Find a 420 Match Through Your Phone


Over 20% of all couples report having met online. Naturally, the cannabis industry would be eager to get a piece of the online dating pie. Here are some helpful and high-rated 420-friendly dating apps that you can try to find your perfect smoking mate:

  •     HighThere! is a social app focused on bringing together cannabis users in a friendly and judgement-free environment. CNN recently featured a HighThere! success story of a very-in-love couple who took to the app because traditional apps failed to “weed out” 420-friendly people.
  •’s tag line is “plant your seed and watch your love grow” where one can engage in interactive Personality Tests to help find their reefer romance. A user can also identify and feel free to express his or her self with preferences an/or the status choices: “Medical Patient” or “Recreational Stoner”.
  •     420Singles claims to go “Beyond Buds” to help 420-enthusiasts come together in person by posting cannabis-events in communities that will allow 420-friendly folks to come together in a safe, welcoming environment.

Let Romance Grow Naturally

You also don’t need to go to a dating-specific site to find like-minded friends and possible romantic connections. Online communities like MassRoots allow users to share their cannabis experiences, strain information, and buying/selling experiences with over 1,000,000 other users. In addition, cannabis enthusiasts regularly find each other on at hundreds cannabis-specific events around the world.

Cannabis Has Connected You, Now What?

As a couple, you can be joint representatives of cannabis culture, and use your influence as a fab pair wisely – join cannabis clubs together, go to cannabis events, visit dispensaries to become canna-connoisseurs, cook edibles together at home, enjoy marijuana tourism, and be dedicated advocates for the advancement of marijuana across the country.

Together, be proud of your involvement in cannabis. If you’re in the industry, warm your partner's’ parents up to your profession by pointing out its social impact and profitability as a long time legitimate industry.

Be safe, be chill, be open and take care of yourself as you explore the exciting world of green dating.

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