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Brand Review: Sunday Scaries CBD
Products Reviewed: CBD Tincture, CBD Gummies, CBD Vegan Gummies

About Sunday Scaries

Mike Sill and Beau Schmitt founded Sunday Scaries in June of 2017. They were introduced to CBD by a friend at a time when both of them were working hard and had barely enough time to play hard anymore. Instantly, they were impressed by the results of using CBD. They were stress-free, focused, happy, and calm, with zero side effects. And they were able to concentrate on their work.

They saw problems with the way CBD was being sold at that time. CBD powders had to be measured with a scale to get the right dosage and CBD water cost $8 a day. Online, there was almost no information on products nor supplement facts or proper dosing. So they thought of putting up their own CBD company.

Sunday Scaries wanted to do something different. They wanted a CBD company that was simple, transparent (no hidden ingredients, no B.S), and easy to dose.

And we have to say, Sunday Scaries is a catchy name. If you don’t know what Sunday Scaries mean, it’s that anxious feeling you get when the weekend is almost over and Monday is dawning upon you. Sunday Scaries the CBD company was born out of the desire to address Sunday scaries. That’s pretty neat.

Their CBD is sourced from farms in the USA and grown following the Farm Bill, making these farms regulated by the states’ Agriculture Departments and are definitely pesticide-free.

And with their extra attention to their customers, they live up to what they say that they are obsessed with customer service.

What are Their Products and What We Think

CBD Gummies

Gummies are one of the best delivery systems for CBD. When CBD is administered orally, you usually have to use drops under your tongue, like with a CBD tincture which can’t be accurate at all times. With gummies, you know exactly how much CBD you are consuming with each serving.

Sunday Scaries' CBD gummies contain full spectrum CBD oil, coconut oil, pure cane sugar, vitamin B12, and Vitamin D3. All these ingredients are sourced from the USA and there are no added fillers. They have 10mg of CBD in each gummy bear. Once you take 1-3 gummies, you’ll feel the effects within 30 minutes. For some though, it could take more than one use to really feel the chill. It takes an average of 5-7 days to build up in the body and to have any outward effects.

Part of dealing with life is navigating through anxiety. Doing a 9-5 job is stressful enough without added personal problems affecting your moods. I won’t say that it’s a miracle cure, but these gummies make me feel less stressed and help keep my tremors in check. I don’t like the idea of taking THC and prescription medication due to side effects that end up worse than the anxiety for me, so the gummies are a lifesaver.

Vegan CBD Gummies

It is difficult to get decent vegan alternatives in today’s marketplace. There are very few vegan CBD alternatives that you can get, especially gummies. But Sunday Scaries has got you covered with their Vegan CBD AF Gummies.

Vegan CBD AF Gummies contain organic sunflower oil, vitamin D3, organic cane sugar, vitamin B12, and full spectrum CBD oil. There is no gelatin or other animal products so you can be assured that you get the effects of CBD, guilt-free.

The gummies taste sour and a little bit sweet and is like a cross between an actual gummy bear and a sour candy.

There aren’t a lot of vegan CBD gummies out there and the ones we tried have a strong hemp-like taste which these ones do not have. This will definitely be THE go-to vegan CBD gummies for us and one that we would recommend.

CBD Tincture

When it comes to times when you really need or prefer to consume CBD sublingually, Sunday Scaries’ CBD tincture is a fantastic choice.

With full spectrum CBD oil, vitamin D3, coconut oil, organic stevia, and vitamin B12, all sourced from the USA and without filler. We love that they include D3 which is meant to help boost one’s immune system, and vitamin B12 which is known to help regulate one’s nervous system, but more so that they use no sugar at all and instead uses natural and organic stevia. Their signature blend is of the highest quality. Each bottle has 500 mg of CBD, with 12mg of CBD with every serving. The tincture is vegan, contains no THC and is gluten-free.

To use, shake the bottle and put 1/3 a dropper under your tongue for 10 seconds. We love the taste of this tincture. There is no hemp-like taste and it has a hint of sweetness to it that is not overpowering. The tincture can also be mixed in water, smoothies, or in lotions and applied directly to the skin.

We tried this on especially hard days when the stress feel like they’re too much to handle and the immediate relief was nothing short of extraordinary. It makes sleep so much better, fighting those thoughts that race through your mind right before you sleep.

Why Choose Sunday Scaries

They are no-fuss. They have 1 tincture and 2 gummies in their line which makes it so much easier to decide vs. figuring out what to try or buy. Seriously, we don’t want the added stress of trying to figure out which product is right for us.

They do have a 100% money back guarantee and giving you a chance to try their products for 30 days, no brainer, risk-free.

We love their chillax vibe too and really appeals to the millennial in us. 😉 But unlike other brands famous on Instagram, Sunday Scaries isn’t all fluff and hype – their products are truly topnotch and legit.

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