How To Smoke Weed (THC) w/My Ecig? Best Weed Vape Pens 2019

If you have been wondering how to smoke weed in your ecig, we will discuss some of the options that you can try. All methods discussed in this article are for educational purpose and it is best to make sure that it is legal in your state. Electronic cigarette that has gained huge popularity around the world was initially used as an alternative to traditional smoking. But with time, more and more people are experimenting with their personal e-cigs and used them as DIY weed vaporizer to be used with loose leaf and also cannabis oil to get high.

There are a number of ways to smoke weed (THC) in your ecig, but here we will discuss the top 3 options that you can choose from –

Option 1 – Dry Herb Atomizers

Dry herb atomizers allow you to use your existing vape/vape mod to vape, well, dry herb. This is a popular choice as it's one of the most budget friendly vs getting a whole new kit, or a dry herb vaporizer. Also, it's a simple add-on and when you wish to switch back to e-juice vaping it's as simple as screwing off the tank, literally. Whoa, that sounded weird.

Let's take a look at two of our favorite options when it comes to dry herb vaping…


Black Sub-Herb Vape Tank

Price: $42.95

With a sleek as you can get black design this atomizer is a great option for those looking for more of a luxury experience. This sleek dry herb atomizer is perfect for those with a 510 threaded battery looking to turn it into something much more. One unique aspect of this atomizer, is that while it can vape dry herb, you also have the option to dab (vape oil and or concentrates) with it. While a bit on the pricier end, it actually isn’t because it takes more than one form of cannabis. This atomizer/tank also comes with a nice assortment of accessories and an awesome warranty.


Dozer Dry Herb Vape Tank

Price: $42.95

Dozer works with two coils – one is used for vaping dry herb and concentrates – and the other is used for “incinerating”. Yes, you read that correctly, incinerating. “This coil does not pretend to vaporize anything. It will incinerate  your dry herb or flower” reads their product page. Aside from that, this atomizer gives you unique air flow controls to foster the perfect experience. As with the other options from MigVapor, this product comes with awesome accessories and a great warranty just in case there is anything wrong with the product. This is definitely a worthy choice if you want a harder hit.

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Option 2 – Vaporizer Pens/ Loose Leaf Vapes

One of the most popular options is the vaporizer pens and loose leaf vapes that allows users to smoke loose leaf tobacco or weed by heating them. There are different types of vaporizers and they vary in style, shape and sizes.

Here I will discuss some of my favorite ones and tell how different they are from each other.

Top Herbal Vaporizers:

1 Davinci IQ Vaporizer (MSRP: $274.99)

In my honest opinion, the Davinci IQ Vaporizer is the best portable vaporizer on the market today, only coming in as a close second next to the PAX 3. A single 18650 replaceable battery powers this beast and makes it convenient to charge as you can use both an external battery charger or micro usb (w/ a rear connection). The bowl is just about the same size as a PAX and is extremely fast at heating up. Yes, it has bluetooth and an app that works for both iOS and Android but I think it's mainly to reach the status quo of the top vaporizers rather than actually proving to be a necessary feature. The shape is beautiful and sleek and boasts a 51 LED front panel which displays both battery life and temperature/control which surprisingly becomes a great conversation piece. My favorite touch Davinci added was the nicely tucked away stir stick. I personally think the IQ has great flavor with very little to no learning curve. Load the bowl, give it about 3-4 puffs, stir the bowl, and the next few draws will just be magic.

2 Pax 3 by Pax Vapor (Price Drop: $249.99 $274.99)

When you think the best vape couldn't get any better, along comes the PAX 3! After testing this device and determining it's weaknesses we've come to the conclusion that, well, it has improved in practically every way. Some of the top key features include the ability to smoke wax, and concentrates with it's new concentrates oven. You also can connect to it with your smartphone via bluetooth and adjust all the settings. They also have increased battery life going from 3000mah to 3500mah. The outer casing, design, and components have not changed much so if you're on a budget consider the previous model which still holds it's own.

pax 3

3 Boundless CFC (Price $89.95)

Boundless Vaporizers have started to make their way into the scene with their affordable lineup of portable vaporizers. I'd have to say I really like the Boundless CFC because of the raw power but at more than half the cost the CFC is a great mini version worth mentioning. Don't let it's price and size fool you, the CFC is a very flavorful vaporizer and at this price you really can't argue.

4 Pax Ploom 2 (Price $149.99)

Pax-2-Vaporizer_largeNew and improved the PAX 2 boasts a better battery life and a newly redesigned mouthpiece. Again this stays at the top of our list due to it's innovative features, clean design, and conversation piece for those high end vapors!

The older model of the Pax 3, with the same awesome design features. This model just has a different mouth piece and shorter battery life but for those on a budget we still give it a 5 star review! The coolest feature includes shaking it to know the battery life it has left and motion detecting auto-off.

Option 3 – e-Rigs & Pens

Shatter, Dab, Wax, Hash Oil, call it what you want, these devices will allow you to enjoy your concentrates. Also known as cannabis oil, hash oil, budder. Many 420 smokers use hash oil instead of dry leaf or flower as they have high concentrate THC, and give a stronger high. Vape pens allow you super portability as well.

Here are some of the most popular wax type pens that we recommend.

1 Dr. Dabber Boost: Black ($159.99 MSRP -> Get 10% Off with Coupon Code: Dabber10)

The Dr. Dabber boost is a new battery powered dab rig which uses a your choice of a quartz, ceramic, or domeless titanium nail similar to other traditional glass rigs. The main difference is you won't need a blow torch to dab. The rigs also come with a built in bubbler for water filtration. Our top recommendation!

Shown with the many dr.dabber glass attachments available.

2 Dr. Dabber Ghost or Light ($69.95 MSRP -> Get 10% Off with coupon code: Dabber10)

dr-dabber-ghost-vaporizer-kit_largeThe Dr. Dabber Ghost is a portable vaporizer works best great with your favorite wax. The ghost is a high quality vape pen made with a titanium atomizer. It's simple to use, small and compact for on the go wax vaping.

Gravity Wax Pen (Approx. $29.99)

Gravity Wax Pens are the most popular wax pens in the market today. The device is slim and compact and is easy to carry around. While using this device, I found that I got the best result when I used the device vertically. By holding it in the vertical direction, the wax melts and falls nicely on the atomizer that is located in the center and gives good thick vapors. While the device is easy to use, it requires proper care, if you want it to last long.

Option 4 – Using Your Regular Electronic Ecig

Another way to smoke your weed concentrates is to modify your ecig into an e-joint. Here are the steps that you can achieve this –

  • First, remove the rubber stopper from the cartridge using a pushpin.
  • You will find an e-liquid soaked cotton in it. Remove it using a tweezers.
  • This will leave a hollow in the cartridge where you can insert a small amount hash oil or wax. During my experiment, using dry leaf did not give the desired results, so would not recommend using it.

It is best to use an ecig with a manual button, so that the hash oil or wax can be heated before you start vaping it. More vaporizer weed tips coming soon.

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  1. Jackson says

    Can you guys do oil reviews?

    1. Jeremy Freeman says

      Yeah we are currently working on testing them in house first. Will update this site soon with more CBD oil reviews. However, if you’re talking about “weed” oil, we probably won’t move into that until it’s completely “legal” for purchase.

  2. Cameron says

    Please could you raise the point that you can use your normal vape to smoke thc/cbd infused ejuice, I feel that is a very user friendly way to vape your weed when you are out and about, I can imagine vaping pure resin would get you blasted and too much for daily use when having to do daily tasks. So this is a gentler way as you have to dilute it to not gunk up your pen. Juice can be made by warming rosin/bho/shatter whatever… With your normal flavoured or unflavoured ejuice. Once warmed, mix it and keep going until dissolved. And there you have it! A sensible persons day time THC/CBD infused vape!

    Haha I haven’t even tried this yet but done a lot of reading and this is my plan!

  3. Pete says

    I didn’t expect e cigs and vaping cbd can get a bit costly lol. I have been looking for an alternative to smoking nicotine cigarettes, and maybe vaping cbd oils can be much healthier and easier for my lungs. I’ve also gotten chronic pain from an accident, so hopefully this can help. I’m just curious if vaping a cbd will elicit the same smell as smoking a marijuana cigarette? I plan on buying a vape so I can smoke cbd during my breaks at work, and the smell might offend some older folks at the office, which is something that i dont want happening lol

What are your thoughts?