Serene CBD Review

Brand Review: Serene CBD
Products Reviewed: CBD Oral Tincture in Peppermint, Anti Aging Face Serum, Healing Pain Body Balm, Ultra Healing Lip Balm

The Serene CBD brand was established a couple of years ago in 2017 and was founded by Erica Valker. With its headquarters in Highland Park IL, an affluent community on Chicago’s north shore, the main mission of the brand is to help improve people’s lives and overall well-being by creating the highest quality CBD products.

The History of The Serene CBD Brand

Valker was inspired to launch the brand after her ongoing struggle to cope with seizures, pain, fatigue, tremors and other neurological problems. She had already been working in the California cannabis industry since 2010 and had been manufacturing cannabis-infused desserts and edibles for delivery under the “Potlucky” brand. However, when she fell ill with chronic Lyme disease, she had to put her business ambitions on hold. Despite seeing several doctors, she was never prescribed with any medication that could relieve her symptoms. In fact, it wasn’t until she was finally prescribed medical cannabis in the form of tinctures that she began to see improvement. Soon, her overall health began to benefit and her symptoms were greatly reduced. And she truly thanks and credits medical cannabis for that.

After her first-hand experience of medicinal cannabis’ therapeutic benefits, she decided to launch Serene CBD to help others experience those benefits too. She sources and manufactures her products in California and all the products are fully lab-tested. All the ingredients used in Serene CBD’s formulations are organic and natural making them healthy and safe.

Premium CBD Products

The Serene CBD product range is manufactured using only organic industrial hemp sourced from California and Oregon. For this reason, all of the brand’s products contain absolutely no THC, so there are no concerns about any unwanted psychoactive effects.

The CBD used in these products is full spectrum CO2 extracted CBD and CBD isolate is never used. Additionally, the products in the range are gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free. They are vegan-friendly and contain absolutely no GMO ingredients.

The third-party lab tests carried out prove that there is absolutely no THC, synthetics, heavy metals or pesticides in any Serene CBD product giving consumers the peace of mind that the products are safe.

CBD Oral Tincture in Peppermint

The CBD tincture from Serene CBD is the brand’s top seller. Delivering a high dose of CBD, this tincture blend contains 600mg of Cannabis Sativa CBD extract, organic MCT oil, and organic peppermint extract only – no additives and no unnecessary ingredients. In short, it is such a clean, pure, and safe source of CBD.

The tincture also comes in peppermint flavor which we absolutely loved. We have tried a ton of CBD tinctures as well as written CBD reviews and we can say that Serene CBD’s oral tincture has become one of our favorites in terms of flavor and superior quality. It was so pleasant to use and truly effective with helping us achieve a sense of calm amidst our different everyday stresses, as well as helping support healthy sleep each night.

Anti-Aging CBD Face Serum

The brand’s flagship product is its anti-aging CBD face serum which aims to reduce inflammation, heal scars, smooth fine lines, and hydrate the skin for a youthful glow. The ingredients are so well thought of – CBD, of course, and a powerhouse of organic oils such as Jojoba, Sunflower, Rosehip, Camelia Oil and Rose Flower Oil – an excellent combination of antiseptic, hydrating, protecting and repair properties with fatty acids and vitamins all working together to boost collagen production and help fight acne and other skin conditions.

I have naturally oily skin and in the past have tried to stay away from oil-based products as much as possible, until I recently tried Virgin Marula Oil which gave me wonderful results. With that, I was definitely more open to trying this oil-based CBD-infused serum. After about 2 weeks of trial alone, I saw a visible improvement and definitely see a healthy glow on my face. No breakouts and I believe this serum helped keep my acne at bay. It was impressive and definitely made me want to get a bottle for my mom to try to help address fine lines she keeps complaining about. 🙂

Healing Pain Body Balm

This CBD body balm pairs CBD’s pain relieving abilities with wintergreen, clove, and helichrysum – all natural plant remedies which have been used in the treatment of inflammation and pain for centuries. The CBD works to reduce pain signals inside the brain while the herbs work to stimulate better blood flow to deliver the pain relieving agents into the skin. It also contains arnica which is a centuries-old natural remedy for relieving soreness and aching.

This balm is quite thick but spreads very smoothly onto the skin. You’ll get a bit of a cannabis smell but it’s very faint and smells pleasant overall. You don’t need a lot because a little goes a long way and we liked that our skin didn't get sticky when it dried. We used this after intense workouts and really found it to help manage soreness and allowed us to recover easier and faster.

Ultra Healing Lip Balm

The therapeutic ultra healing CBD lip balm aims to provide long-lasting protection. Effective at healing chapping, Serene CBD also added avocado oil, coconut oil, and organic shea butter, to make this balm truly nourishing for the lips. This product contains a full 50mg of CBD making it the highest CBD-containing lip balm available for sale. I have been looking for a good petroleum-free lip balm and tried a ton but this one is a keeper for saving my constantly chapped lips. This is definitely staying in my purse and on my office desk.

A Standout Among CBD Brands

Serene CBD is dedicated to bringing the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol within easy reach to all kinds of people. By intersecting wellness, luxury, and clean beauty, the brand’s product range combines a base of herbs and essential oils known for their therapeutic benefits for centuries with CBD’s power. As a result, the brand’s unique formulations and blends are able to increase the benefits that CBD already offers to deliver even better results.

Serene CBD truly delivers a premium experience that starts from the moment you hold their products. Their packaging is very clean and luxe which then translates to the excellent experience with using their products.

Another great thing about Serene CBD is that they donate $3 from every purchase of Serene CBD oral tincture to the LymeLight Foundation. LymeLight works to raise public awareness of Lyme disease and assists families of young adults and children struggling with Lyme Disease who are facing financial distress to receive the medication and treatment they need.

With tons of CBD brands and products out there, Serene CBD is definitely a standout.

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