5 Reasons You Should Vape CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) has a multitude of uses – from being touted as a wonder drug that can stop pediatric seizures in their tracks to calming anxiety and quelling nausea. Even better – you don’t necessarily need a medical marijuana card or live in a medical marijuana state in order to get it. As long as you are over 21, you can order or walk into a vape shop or other store that sells CBD oil and purchase it. That said, how to do you take it? Can it be eaten? Smoked? Perhaps the best way to take your CBD is to vape it.

Here are 5 reasons you might want to try CBD:

1 Stress and Anxiety Relief During the Day

Life can get stressful. Unlike traditional marijuana, which can make you sleepy and hungry, CBD oil can be used to help relieve stress without those side effects. And unlike THC, which is one of the compounds in cannabis, CBD does not have the psychoactive effect. So, you can get relaxed without the high.

2 Vaping is Healthier than Smoking

Lighting something on fire and then inhaling the fumes is never a healthy thing to do. Cigarettes are the cause of the majority of cases of lung cancer. Want to light up your cannabis? You’re going to irritate your lungs and may cause yourself to have symptoms like bronchitis. More, you might be incinerating the CBD that you want. Using dry herb vapes for ingesting CBD oil will also get into your system faster and provide relief quicker than eating edibles.

3 Discretion and Convenience

Even in states where recreational pot is legal, it is still illegal to smoke it outdoors. A joint produces an obvious smell. But a pen vaporizer doesn’t produce smoke. Instead, it produces a nearly odor-free steam. And the pen itself is small and inconspicuous, so discretion is possible. And since many pen vaporizers now have disposable CBD cartridges, popping one in is fairly easy. This means that pen vapes with replaceable cartridges are ideal for on-the-go use.   

4 No Medical Marijuana Card Needed

The best thing? Hemp-based CBD oil is available for everyone aged 21-and-up. You don’t need a medical cannabis card to obtain it. In fact, you can order the vape pen and the replacement cartridges online and have them delivered, securely and discretely to your home. Have a pen vape or a vape mod that uses an atomizer? There are CBD oils that you can add a few drops of to your favorite vape juice or make your own by adding propylene glycol. Just make sure that your atomizer is capable of handling the CBD oil.

5 Easy Dosage Control

Dosage can be a problem with cannabis. It’s hard to know exactly how much CBD you are getting. Even in edibles, this can be tough to guess. Take the guesswork out by purchasing precisely measured disposable cartridges. This ensures that you are getting a controlled, measured dose of CBD. And even better, you can vape it slowly throughout the day, putting the power into your hands. No waiting for pills or edibles to kick in. No worrying if it is time for a second dose. Inhale when you feel the need and then put the vaporizer pen away until next time.

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There are many reasons you should choose to vape your CBD concentrate oil. Above, we have listed just five of them. As more research is done, the medical uses of CBD oil are sure to increase, as well as improved methods of taking it.

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