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Too many of us have spent years with our furry companions – creating endless memories and laughing to no end at their antics – only to feel helpless as old age sets in and the health problems begin. Veterinary trips, painful yelps, watching them limp….often it seems as if there’s nothing we can do but witness them suffer. However, did you know there is safe and healthy alternative?

Pets sustain injuries, get inflamed muscles and joints, contract diseases like arthritis and epilepsy, and feel things like anxiety and depression. Like us, they have an endocannabinoid system, and can become cannabinoid-deficient as they age. Give them CBD, and you have a different animal, one that’s healthy and happy.

Purity Petibles is here to provide pet CBD products that can help do just that…

The Story

When Carl Saling (president of Purity Petibles) had to endure watching Dave, his aging German Shepherd, develop tumors and go through years of ineffective surgeries and visits to the vet, he had a life-changing idea. Carl had already been taking CBD himself, and decided to start sharing some with Dave. The results were remarkable. Carl claims Dave regained his playful nature, appetite, and ability to sleep soundly – benefits that lasted up until the end of his life.

That’s when Carl realized this highly beneficial product needed to get into the hands of as many pet owners as possible to reduce their aging pet’s suffering. Purity Petibles retails pet-formulated CBD products with your little loved one in mind. This product is not just for older dogs but animals of all ages and sizes.

More information can be found on their website here.

Pet-Friendly CBD Products

Most pets will go wild over these cheese flavored Hemp Pet Treats, and each one is infused with 5mg of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Purity Petibles starts with top-notch ingredients, sourced from the “finest PRC hemp oil manufacturer in the business.”

Some pets may be selective eaters, making your companion a perfect candidate for Purity Petible’s Maximum Pain Relief Pet Spray. “Oral absorption is up to 90% effective, allowing your pet to quickly absorb and utilize all the necessary nutrients in this excellent spray. This 8ml Spray bottle has 60 mg infused spray with 1.5 mg full spectrum PCR hemp CBD oil per spray, and 200 mg Turmacin – a powerful turmeric extract shown in a clinical study to reduce joint discomfort by 42% in as little as 3 weeks!”

For those who have furry friends with more severe ailments, this High-Dose Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Syringe should do the trick. It is the most potent product offered by Purity Petibles with each 15 ml tube containing 1,000 mg of pure CBD. Every batch of hemp oil they use is tested and then custom formulated; so when they say “1000 mg. of CBD” that’s exactly what you’re getting.



Purity Petibles publishes 3rd party lab tests with Certificates of Analysis proving the absence of common contaminants like pesticides and residual solvents. Quality and consistency of ingredients are as important to Purity as they are to you and your pets.

Why We Recommend Purity Petibles

The heart-warming story of Purity Petibles’ president Carl Saling and his journey healing his sick, aging dog with CBD is a strong indicator that the right motives exist behind the scenes at this pet-focused CBD company. Purity Petibles sources organic, Colorado-grown hemp, and laboratory tests all their products to ensure quality and consistency. With such a broad and enticing product line, pet owners searching for natural remedies need look no further than Purity Petibles.

Check out all their pet CBD products here.

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