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There aren’t too many companies that place test results on their website’s front page. Pure Science Lab is a company that does, and for good reason. They got our attention with their commitment to produce only 100% pure legal CBD hemp oil. And so a review to the readers is due. Derived from, this company is interested in only the highest extraction amounts in their products. Using a Supercritical CO2 extraction process with medical grade CO2, harsh chemicals are never involved; purity is maintained and seems to be their number one concern – in fact, it may be their biggest claim in the CBD game. See how we've reviewed puresciencelab and watch for our coupon below.


Shown in the table below, Pure Science Lab guarantees the highest third party tested CBD potency – 41%. For the founder of Pure Science Lab, Steve Pomerantz, a Crohn’s disease survivor himself, natural alternative medicine has been his focus for 30 years. So, naturally, the company maintains vision of natural healthy healing by closely monitoring its product’s effectiveness, its ingredients and its extractions processes from seed to sale. Pure Science lab leads the field with its well-rounded product line – complete with everything from the highest purity CBD extracts, to CBD chocolates and gummies.

CBDPure 600mg CBDPure 300mg CBDPure 100mg Pure Science Lab Pure1600 Oil Extract Pure Science Lab 400mg Pure Science Lab 500mg Sleep Aid
20mg 10mg 3.3mg 1600mg 400mg 500mg
20mg/60ML 10mg/60ML 30mL 400/15mL 15ml
30% 16% 3.3% 53.33% 26% 33%


The company shows it range through its product line, one that’s diverse, and shows that the customer experience was considered.

cbd vape oilOur favorite was definitely the cbd vape kit that they offered. Although they do not advertise the flavor, it has a very strong mixed berry aroma that tasted natural and sweet, with NO hempy aftertaste. Actually felt like vaping flavored e-juice as very little to no cbd flavoring came through. It felt clean and even and I immediately felt a soothe come over my shoulders after about 3 puffs. You'll want to hold it in for as long as you can to absorb the most of the concentrate, I mean any of these cbd vape oils and cartridges are definitely not the cheapest vape in the world.

As far as edibles are concerned, Pure Science Lab actually offers products we’ve never seen before. The pomegranate tea chips are really yummy and soothing, kind of the perfect product for someone who might have a plethora of symptoms that are really getting them anxious. While the CBDs make their way quickly to the unbalanced cells, the hot tea works to soothe the soul and the nerves. I also like to pack the granola bites on hikes, definitely great for a energy booster, and I’ve noticed that recovery the next day was been a lot smoother. And speaking of days that can feel a little rough, the gourmet chocolate and the gummies are a go to as well! I especially love that the gummies come in so many flavors. I haven’t tried ALL of them yet, but I won’t lie, they get packed with me on my hikes as well! They’re really yummy and none of these edibles have any “medicine” or plant matter taste at all.

Pure Science Lab is one of the few places reputable enough to carry high percentage CBD-yielding extract. Currently at a discount, this organic European 41% extract is honed for the patient with hard to treat ailments, and is priced right for them too. Being able to bulk buy medicine is a wonderful option for many who have really found success with CBD treatment. Capsules, smaller oil dropper bottles also are offered for those seeking other ways to consume these high quality CBDs.

To really round out the product line, Pure Science Lab carries a couple items in the topicals category. For direct concentrated medicine the Kanna Freeze comes in two different sizes. And For those looking for healthier skin, hair and nails, the CBD serum is quite versatile and smells great as it is infused with Argan and pomegranate oil. It blended smoothly onto my skin and felt very emollient and balancing. Pure Science Lab recommends it as support for skin ailments as well to include anything from general dryness problems to eczema and acne.


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The site is full of information, but maybe CBD is just more complex than what is easily understood by the typical patient. Shopping had to take a lot of concentration; even though all the information was there, I still felt that the product pages were a little busy looking. It was mostly the dosing that I was trying to figure out, how much to take of each product. Perhaps, an easy indicator symbol may be of help – one that indicates if that particular product was for those who were looking for high, medium or low doses.

We also felt that the 7 day satisfaction guarantee was sufficient, but we have seen many refund policies that were much longer at other companies. Not a true deal breaker for us, but had to be mentioned here.

They usually have some products on sale on any given day, but no deals on shipping. On that note, many CBD customers like to see if they can find their products at a local store, and Pure Science Lab did not have this information on their site.


Another indicator of Pure Science Lab’s customer first ideals, and their all around authenticity, is their pages and pages of real customer testimonial. It’s easy to tell that they might be pulled right off internal emails and there’s something very refreshing when you can read someone’s real story of healing, then their gratitude towards a company. It kind of pulls all your work of researching CBDs, looking for a product, and possibly struggling with the decisions involved and brings it full circle. Pure Science Lab truly impresses us in many ways, and we hope you can find perhaps a daily medicine with them as well.

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