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Brand Review: Pure Relief CBD
Products Reviewed: CBD Tinctures and Hemp Salve
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Did you know global CBD sales amount to $512.7 million in 2018 alone? It’s one of the rising stars in herbal medication despite the negative stigma surrounding cannabis-related products.

That said, it’s hard to find a CBD product that truly delivers on its promise.

One product receiving critical acclaim is Pure Relief.

But does it hit all the right notes? Does it succeed where others fail?

To find out, here’s our quick but in-depth review of a couple of Pure Relief CBD products:

Top Pure Relief Products

Pure Hemp Oil CBD Tinctures

Pure Relief’s CBD tincture formula includes CBD and several other all-natural cannabinoids found in hemp extracts.

For Pure Relief’s tinctures, you can start with 2-3 drops under your tongue and wait for 15-30 seconds  before swallowing. You can move up the number of drops or dosage depending on how it suits you and your needs.

If you want to try the tincture first, you can opt for the 250 mg variant. This one features a 17 mg per mL concentration that’s easier and lighter for newcomers. The tincture focuses on relief and supporting body and mind well-being the most.

If you would like something stronger, then you can get the most out of this product by buying the 5000mg. This has a strong concentration: you’re getting 186.7 mg concentrate per mL. This tincture, in addition to relief, helps renew energy and mood.

We recommend taking the tincture in the morning if you are trying to get that extra energy boost to help you throughout the day. Some of us didn’t feel as tired or as physically worn out by taking it early. On the other hand, some have also taken it after a long and stressful day which helped with relaxing and winding down at night.


Pure Hemp CBD Salve

The main ingredients are extracts taken from the stem and stalks of hemp plants. These are non-GMO grown plants and they are 100% free from harmful pesticides, proving they are as organic as you can get.

Pure Relief’s CBD Salve comes with a dash of lavender and other essential oils, like tea tree, to create a relaxing aroma, which we absolutely love.

Other key ingredients include olive oil, peppermint, coconut oil, wintergreen, eucalyptus, basil, camphor, green tea, cinnamon, aloe, and USD kosher glycerin.






What makes Pure Relief the ideal choice?

The most important advantage is the fact the company relies on a 3rd party testing lab. This means they can’t cheat or lie about the test results. You get exactly what they advertise and the label is more accurate with its details.

Another major benefit is the fact these products don’t include any artificial or synthetic ingredients. They use real extracts and natural chemical compounds. This is vital for folks who strictly prefer organic products and want to know exactly what is inside a product they are consuming.

Finally, Pure Relief tincture and hemp salve contain less than 0.3% THC. For those unfamiliar with cannabis products, THC is the compound that gets you high. Without it, you won’t have to worry about experiencing a sudden psychedelic kick. Having a lower THC concentration is also important for the product to remain legal. Go above 0.3% THC content and state laws could apprehend you for possession of illegal substances. Fortunately, Pure Relief stays within the limit.



Are there any downsides to using the Pure Relief tinctures and hemp salve?

The only common feedback is that these products can seem expensive. However, if you break down how little you need per day, it’s easy to see how a bottle of oil tincture can last for 1 whole month. Additionally, with a guarantee of organic ingredients, some would consider this totally worth it.



Whether you want to take a topical solution or oil tincture, Pure Relief exceeds all expectations. It’s a highly efficient CBD brand that focuses not only on giving relief but also supports overall health and well-being.

All that said, Pure Relief CBD is a reliable choice. 

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