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Brand Review: Populum
Products Reviewed: CBD Tinctures, Topicals, Pet Tincture, Softgel Capsules
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As the country becomes more open-minded, CBD becomes more popular as an alternative medical treatment or supplement. It has a lot of great healing properties without the unwanted side effects. Another reason more and more people are turning to CBD products is because of their natural and mostly organic nature.

One of the rising popular brands out there is Populum (pun intended!). Its popularity is mainly due to its excellent quality products. They also adhere to the tightest controls throughout their process from farming to the final product formulation, and therefore having products that maintain purity and consistency.

Are you ready to know more about Populum? Read on and find out.

What Does Populum Offer?

Populum’s quality products give it a solid potential to become a great name in the industry. Their products come from domestically grown hemp in Colorado and all ingredients are non-GMO.

They send third-party lab test results with your order, showing results of the batch your product was part of (and not a one-time test result that could have been for a batch created who knows when). Their products are tested to ensure a full-spectrum oil and ensuring they are non-psychoactive.

Populum also gets a lot of recognition due to their 30-day risk-free trial period, which not many brands in the industry offer, really showing their confidence in the quality of their products. If the consumer is not happy or if CBD is not for them, they would gladly accept the return and give a full refund. CBD may not be for everyone but Populum having this offer gives people a chance to try and find out for themselves, risk-free.

Populum also offers a subscription to a monthly shipment and get 5% off and also offers cancellation at any time.

What are the Most Popular Populum Products?

1CBD Tinctures

We had the advanced 1000mg CBD Tincture to try and review, which contains 33mg of hemp extract per serving. Their tincture have generally 83.6% cannabidiol content, making it one of the best choices if you need potency. Populum Tinctures are also available in 250mg and 500mg.

And yes – one thing we love about the tincture is the great taste. Having cold-pressed orange oil and stevia extract gives it a nice subtle orange flavor. Other carrier oils in their tincture are healthy that are full of vitamins and various minerals – grapeseed oil, hempseed oil, and virgin coconut oil. Seriously – we love it. The tincture is so easy and enjoyable to consume.

More than that, we love it for the positive results we got from using the product. It worked really well for our chronic back pain and anxiety. We took it once in the morning, either as it is, dropping under our tongue or mixed with our favorite tea or coffee, and gave us a relaxed but focused disposition ready to start the day. And when we had trouble sleeping especially with the pains, this helped us sleep better.

2 Hemp Oil Softgel Capsules

This is Populum's newest addition to their amazing line of products and we couldn't be more excited! As always, the Populum softgel capsules came with third-party results of the bottle's batch in the box (you rarely get that these days with other CBD brands) and gives us so much confidence that Populum continues its high-quality standard. Each capsule has a dosage of 25mg of hemp CBD and contains non-GMO hemp oil and MCT oil derived from coconuts, a good source of fatty acids that helps provide energy to the brain. There are absolutely no additives and we love that no unnecessary ingredients are present: just all-natural hemp oil and MCT oil.

Having the CBD in capsule form is incredibly convenient especially for us that are always on the go. The results speak for themselves – it did help alleviate our everyday stress and relax us after back-to-back travels. We like taking it in the morning with breakfast and helped make us ready to face any challenge ahead of us but also works if we take it at bedtime instead where we feel the CBD works best while we sleep.

3Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

Their hemp rub is an all-natural cold therapy gel aimed at giving fast-acting relief for muscle and joint pains. The recommended dosage is no more than 4 times a day.

Apart from hemp, the rub also includes aloe vera, chamomile, arnica, and emu oil, and menthol. With all of these combined, the rub gives not just soothing effects but also anti-bruising, homeopathic, and moisturizing properties.
It’s designed to be non-greasy and no too strong of a smell so it can be applied at any time of the day without any oily residue or lingering smell, unlike some CBD topicals we have tried.

Some people say they saw improved results when it comes to giving relief to their body areas suffering from chronic pain. You’ll feel your skin become cooler as soon as you apply it, giving short-term relief but consistent use may give some long-term fixes. Either way, you’ll get a soothing effect, especially with inflammation. It has tried and tested ingredients that make it best for pain management.

4Zen Pets Hemp Oil

Giving your pet different synthetic medicine can result in unwanted side effects. Populum offers a natural and safe alternative with their Zen Pets Hemp Oil. Apart from hemp oil, the product also comes with cold-pressed hemp seed oil and extra virgin coconut oil, overall aiming to give your pet a healthy regulated central nervous and immune system, and calming wellness.

The oil can be mixed into pets’ food or can be dropped directly onto their tongue. The tincture is easy to absorb, making them feel the relief they need within a few minutes.


With the undeniable excellent quality of their products, their 30-day risk-free trial, monthly subscription delivery option, honest and personal customer service, plus great branding and packaging, Populum is a true standout in the sea of CBD companies and brands.

With that said, without hesitation, we genuinely recommend Populum.


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