Pax3 Argo Davinci IQ Reviews

Let's examine some of the best dry herb vaporizers (weed vapes) of the year. After using each of these for several months now it's time to come up with a head to head battle as we've reviewed everything from experience to design.

Here's our top 3!


Pax 3 Vaporizer

The Pax 3 vaporizer is the latest installment in the Pax brand. To say it improves upon its predecessor, the Pax 2, would be an understatement. If vaping dry herb is your thing, this handy device has all the bases covered – and more.

  • Design

Aesthetic may not make or break a product, but it’s certainly a nice bonus. In this area, the Pax 3 really hits it home.

Its shiny matte design gives the vape a sleek and discrete appearance, while the device’s height and width of just 3.8 inches and 1.2 inches respectively make it easy to conceal in a pocket or bag. Weighing in at just under 4oz, this vaporizer is about as lightweight as it gets.

  • Speed

Most of us don’t like to waste time waiting for our vaporizers to heat up. The Pax 2 understood this and did an excellent job of cutting that down as much as possible. That being said, it only makes sense that the Pax 3 improved upon that as well. It reduced the heating period to a measly 16 to 18 seconds (depending on the temperature setting), compared to the Pax 2’s 40 to 60.

  • Ease of Use

The Pax 3 is about as easy to use as it gets. The four LED lights tell you the temperature and battery level. Best of all, you don’t have to press anything. Instead, simply shake the device to leave temperature mode and check the battery.

A tiny, discreet button in the mouthpiece allows you to turn on the vape with a simple button push, and its location prevents you from accidentally turning it on while you’re carrying it in your pocket.

Want to enter temperature control mode? Just hold the button down for a few seconds or shake the vape and you’re ready to go.

Another innovative feature for the Pax 3 is haptic feedback and/or vibration alert. The feature is strong enough to be noticeable, but discreet enough to not be conspicuous.

If this isn’t enough, the Pax 3 also comes with a smartphone app that lets you further customize things. Adjusting temperatures one degree at time or switching modes to allow for different smoke, flavor and heat experiences are all possible from your iPhone or Android device.

  • Experience

The vaping experience you get from the Pax 3 isn’t limited. Thanks to the different available modes (set using the smartphone app), you can focus on flavor, cloud or vapor temperature.

  • Optional Concentrates

If you’re looking to expand your horizons, the Pax 3 has you covered. While the base model, priced at $199.00, is restricted to dry herb, you can opt for the “Complete Kit” at $249.00. This version allows you to vape concentrates as well as the standard dry herb.

  • Conclusion

Overall, the Pax 3 is a revolutionary device that turns the vape industry on its head. Although expensive, this vape is a classic example of the old adage, “you get what you pay for”. If you’re willing to eat the cost, you can expect one of the most state-of-the art vaping products on the market.

2Arizer ArGo

The Arizer ArGo, like all vaporizers, is embracing the innovation and customizability brought on by today’s technology. At a price of $269.95, this product is quite expensive; however, you’ll soon see why every penny is justified.

  • Design

The Arizer ArGo embraces a more conventional build, using a design that favors a box rather than something sleek and shiny. But that’s a minor point.

While it may not be as aesthetically pleasing as, say, the Pax 3, the ArGo takes portability into consideration – a must for dry herb vapers who want to carry their devices easily and discreetly.

The ArGo uses a typical glass mouthpiece, which, again, is common for many high-end vapes. Simply load the weed into the chamber, snap it onto the body and you’re ready to go.

What really makes this device convenient is the interchangeable battery. If your vape uses conventional built-in batteries and happens to die on you, you’re out of luck until it charges. With the ArGo, you can carry a spare and simply switch it out as needed.

  • Ease of Use

The digital display screen gives you all the information you need at a glance. Curious about battery level and temperature? It’s all there on a single screen. There are no colors to memorize, just a nice, common sense battery icon and cold, hard numbers to tell you how much power you have, and the temperature you’re at.

Temperature is easily adjustable by pressing the “+ and “” buttons located at the front, allowing for precise settings.

Best of all, you can change the temperature mid-vape for variety, or just to find your “sweet spot”.

  • Experience

The glass mouthpiece provides a consistently cool vape, making it ideal for those who are looking for a smoother experience (although temperature settings will still affect this).

Material is also a major player when it comes to shaping your vape experience. In fact, the type of glass can actually affect the flavor. Thanks to the ArGo’s borosilicate glass mouthpiece, this will be a non-issue.

The only arguable downside is that the vape tries to fit a lot of power into a small package. Consequently, overheating can be a concern. Don’t be surprised if you have to periodically set the ArGo down to avoid burning your hand. But if you’re willing to overlook this hiccup, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

  • Conclusion

If you’re the type of person who values function over fashion, don’t like waiting for your device to charge and are okay with a little overheating, then the Arizer ArGo is an exceptional choice. The consistent experience, easy interface and precise controls allow for a truly custom experience.

3Davinci IQ

The Davinici IQ dry herb vaporizer sports an array of features, packed in a design that makes it perfect for beginners and veteran vapers alike. Let’s take a quick look at this vape to see if it’s worth its $274.99 price tag.

  • Design

With its rectangular shape and led-based interface, the Davinci IQ opts to keep things sleek, simple and portable. When it comes to building any product, materials are just as important as the appearance – and in this area, the Davinci doesn’t pull any punches.

The main body is made with brushed aluminum, uses a ceramic chamber and even uses a zirconia pearl in the heating chamber for even distribution.

Like many similar devices, the Davinci IQ relies on LED lights to keep users informed about battery life and temperature. The LED's act as a low res digital display for the temperature. Adjustment is allowed in one degree increments with the side button interface or through the available smartphone app.

A major bonus to this vape (and many like it) is the removable battery. If your vape dies, you can simply carry a spare with you and you’re good to go.

  • Ease of Use

There some aspects that make the Davinci IQ simple, while in other areas, it can get tricky.

First, the Davinci IQ offers two modes geared toward advanced users and beginners. Precision Mode gives more specific temperature control, or Smart Path Mode, which automatically increases the temperature over time. The rate can be controlled through the smartphone app and adjusted to individual tastes.

Sadly, there are a lot of settings and button combinations to remember on this device, so study the instructions thoroughly until you get a feel for the device.

  • Experience

Thanks to the zirconia found in both the heating chamber and mouthpiece, vapers will enjoy low heat conduction. Zirconia also acts as a flavor enhancer as the air moves through the vaporizer. In turn, you receive cool, great-tasting vapor with massive clouds and no chance of overheating – at least not with the mouthpiece. The body, however, is another story.

Because of the Davinci IQ’s portable design, packing that kind of power in such a small space inevitably leads to overheating after extended use. Be on the lookout for that minor hiccup.

In general, the Davinci IQ is a great choice if you’re looking for a consistent vape with great flavor and a smooth haul.

  • Conclusion

While not perfect, the Davinici IQ has something to offer for everyone. For intermediate vapers looking to advance, jumping from the simple presets to the more advanced manual controls can be a huge change. But with the right amount of patience (perhaps coupled with a little trial and error), anyone can master this vape – and really squeeze it for every benefit it has.


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