Natural Native CBD Brand Review

Brand Review: Natural Native
Products Reviewed: CBD Liposomal Spray and CBD Balm
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About Natural Native

Natural Native is one of the rising brands in the CBD market. They have made it their mission to provide the highest quality organic and THC-free CBD in the market.

Their products are from industrial hemp sourced from commercial hemp farms in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Maine. They are very proud to share that all their partners only use organic farming practices that comply with industrial hemp cultivation practices and organic guidelines set forth by the Department of Agriculture.

How Does Natural Native Test their Products?

The Natural Native brand tests their products through several cycles throughout the process. From seed to manufacturing, they ensure that the product has 0% THC content. Before they release their products, Natural Native puts every finished batch through a final testing phase.

The company uses the test to make the CBD concentration consistent with its labels and they document all the results gathered from the tested batches.

Consistency is their main priority. After all, their farm, production facilities, warehouses, and distribution is all in-house. What this means is that from the seed to your possession, Natural Native controls the consistency.

Why Use the Liposomal CBD Spray?

CBD is effective but the main problem is the fact that depending on your choice of consumption, its bioavailability of how much of it is absorbed, varies greatly. In most cases, more than 70% of CBD can disappear as it passes by your stomach. What this means is that your body absorbs only about 20% of the CBD found on most products.

Natural Native’s Enhanced CBD adds science to the compound with the use of liposomes. This is a spherical molecule made from the same material as cell membranes. They’re used to house CBD for better absorption.
Liposomes allow CBD to pass through your digestive tract with minimal breakdown and can increase absorption by as much as 500%. What this could mean is that their 600mg spray could have the same effect as a 3,000mg CBD product.

Native Liposomal Spray 300mg Review

This Natural Native Liposomal product is 100% organic and has 0% THC. It has two flavors: mint and raspberry. A lot of people who buy the product favor the mint flavor since it’s more fruity than minty.

Natural Native recommends that you take at least four oral sprays each day. It’s great to take in since the taste won’t overpower you. It has a bit of sourness in it, but no matter what your preference is, the product is still pleasant to the mouth.

To use, it is sprayed under the tongue and hold it for about a minute and a half before swallowing. You can always drink water afterward. It has a natural fruit flavoring, so you won’t need to worry about artificial substances.

Native Soothing Relief CBD Balm 250mg Review

If you’re looking for an alternative way of relieving pain, soreness, and inflammation, a lot of people will recommend this Natural Native product. Apply it to your skin and feel the relief since it responds quite well to CBD.

Once applied, you won’t get a hot or cold feeling. You’ll get relief since its proprietary formula acts super fast since it gets absorbed by the skin in seconds. Its natural ingredients make it fragrant—you won’t smell any chemical odor when using it.

The company recommends that you put very little to start it off. Make sure it’s enough to cover the area affected by pain. In most cases, we felt the relief within the span of a few minutes.

Some of the people who used the product got surprised they only need a little amount of the CBD balm to get their sweet relief. The 250mg might not look all that much but it’s enough to last you months. It also helps your skin become more moisturized and healthy.

The balm doesn’t feel greasy to the skin, going on it in a smooth fashion while having a faint camphor and peppermint smell. It’s subtle and it uses Arnica oil for maximum anti-inflammatory effects.

Final Thoughts

With their fine control over the entire cultivating, manufacturing, and distributing process as well as having third-party testing twice in their process makes them a brand we trust.

The Spray is something definitely worth trying since most people found it effective and simple. Natural Native also has other edibles like CBD gummy bears and even CBD water.

Where to Buy Natural Native Products

Natural Native has several brick and mortar stores in Oklahoma and you can check out here. Or you can also try Green Infused CBD products online which are powered by Natural Native CBD.

Feel free to use the Green Infused powered by Natural Native CBD coupon below for a discount.

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  1. Carol Brisentine says

    We bought your H2o several times. Helps with my headache. I also purchased your 1,000 mg spray I use it twice a day 3 squirt s AM AND pm. So far my hands feel better and my right knee. Thank you !!

  2. Vicky says

    Bought the CBD Liposomal Spray 1000mg and the CBD Balm 250mg. Not sure about it so far. I was taking Kratom for pain which I have a lot of. It works great but hard on my Kidneys.
    Fingers crossed that Native works !

  3. S.k. says

    I purchased they balm and the spray for severe knee pain and did not receive any relief

  4. Winifred Golightly says

    I tried your Native Liposomal CBD spray. I do not like the oily taste.It was suppose to be a mint flavor.Could not taste the mint in it. I just used it a couple of times. Do not like it. Can it be returned where I bought it?

    1. Jeremy Freeman says

      Hi, Winifred. Sorry to hear you had this experience. We are a blog that did a review on Natural Native and do not sell any of their products. Please contact the store where you purchased from as we are not aware of their return policy (especially if it’s a retailer/re-seller or from the brand itself). Thanks and hope this helps!

  5. Denice says

    I have arthritis, I bought the 11.6mg so far I very little pain it is working, I like it, the taste and oiliness isn’t great but neither are pills

  6. Barbara Shelton says

    We purchased the 250 mg balm. I have herniated disc in my neck and back and bad arthritis in neck, back, hands ect. My husband had ankle surgery years ago now arthritis. We both used the balm and within mins we had relief. Sweet relief. We were pleasantly surprised at how quickly and the amount of relif. We will buy again. Thank God it helped me! I was in desperate need of help.

  7. Cindy Barrett says

    I tried the balm at the urging of coworkers. I must have skin that doesnt absorb. I’ve washed my hands and im leaving slick spots on my keypad. I have shoulder, foot, fingers and knee, I maybe notice a tiny difference. I’d save the 50 buck and get aspercreme.

  8. John Schwittek says

    Let me just give my 2 cents, I’ve used other CBD balm, nothing I’ve tried even comes close to this balm. My knees hurt all the time. Even when elevated. This absolutely does the trick. Actually pain FREE for several hours. Thank You. John Schwittek, Altoona, PA

  9. Liz says

    I bought the Native Liposomal CBD spray, Mint 11.6mg a year ago and used it once.
    I forgot about having it until I began having pain in my hips and thighs during the last few weeks. I took it today and WHAM! Pain was gone. I thought the pain left because of the new stretches I did early in the morning, but then I realized, wait, let me look up the benefits of the oil that I tried today..? I now, attribute the pain leaving to this spray. I will continue using it this week and see for sure.

What are your thoughts?