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About medhemp

medhemp is a company dedicated to raising the standard for CBD by giving the highest-quality CBD products for their customers. Their vision is to care for their customers’ well being with sincerity. Their CBD is carefully grown on a family farm in Kentucky and is produced from organic and non-GMO hemp. Each batch is third-party lab tested after harvesting and is guaranteed to be free of THC nor other contaminants.

medhemp has a diverse range of products all suited to the different needs of the CBD user. Some of their products are made for ease of use, for different types of conditions, and some are balms, tablets or tinctures. Among their products you’ll be able to find what would be perfect for you, including your pet. Each of their products is USA-grown, vegan, non-GMO, 3rd party-tested and is THC-free. The lab results are published openly on their site.

If you try their products or CBD for the first time and find out that CBD or their products aren’t for you, you may return any items within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund. Very simple and straightforward.

My Tincture

medhemp My Tinctures come in 500/750/1000/1500mg strengths and are all flavorless packaged in 30ml bottles. Apart from CBD oil, it is made with MCT Oil which is naturally extracted from coconut oil. Upon trying, we love how truly flavorless it is – absolutely no hints of that herbal or hemp-like taste (unlike others we have tried who claim to be flavorless) and no aftertaste at all. This worked for one of our team members who only takes flavored tinctures due to some aftertaste she has experienced with other brands in the past. She surprisingly liked this and after taking it for a few days to weeks, have felt her tension and symptoms have eased and that she slept a whole lot better.

For those who want to try CBD or to begin easing into tinctures from other forms of CBD, we feel this is a great product to try and start with.

Other medhemp Products

My Capsules

medhemp also has My Capsules which are flavorless gel capsules that provide fast-acting relief. Each bottle has 750mg of CBD with 25mg of CBD in every serving. These are great for those that like to take supplements in a quick and easy way without messing around with oil. Able to be taken day or night, these capsules are perfect for us that don’t like to taste the hemp and want to avoid sugars from other ingestible methods like gummies.

This also comes in a travel pack, which is a convenient two-pack version to take when you’re on the go or traveling.

My Water Soluble Tincture

This water-soluble CBD dissolves quickly in liquids. It is easy to use and discreet enough for you to get your CBD fix while staying hydrated. To use this tincture, simply drop the oil into your drink and you’ll be able to take your CBD on a run, by your office desk, or anywhere you can carry a water bottle. This is definitely recommended for those always on the move.

My Massage Oil

Specially formulated to soothe aches and pains, My Massage Oil, is a blend of moisturizing and nourishing oils that hydrate and soothe the skin with 250mg of CBD. Massages are a science-backed way to help deal with soreness and My Massage Oil helps is the perfect partner for that. European studies show that topical CBD helps ease some inflammation, too.

My Pet Tincture

If you’ve ever had trouble giving your pets medicine and having to hide pills in their food that they never eat then you should try medhemp’s My Pet Tincture. Created for pets, these drops are applied under the tongue. With no THC and contaminants, you can rest easy knowing your furry friend is completely safe. There is 125mg of CBD in every serving and the tincture is also natural beef flavored so that your pets will think this is a nice tasting treat.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, we like medhemp’s clean products and this come across in their slick branding as well. They are no fuss, straight to the point, and effective. Their return policy is a plus, too which gives consumers peace of mind when deciding to try CBD or their products. All we wish is that they have the ingredients of their products clearly outlined in their product page so we know what exactly goes into our bodies. Other than that, we think you may go ahead and give medhemp and their products a try.

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