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Brand Review: Lola Hemp CBD
Products Reviewed: 300mg CBD Oil for Dogs

The Lola Hemp Story

The founders of the LolaHemp brand are a mother and son team – Susan and Joey. They adopted Lola, a 6-year-old chihuahua (who the brand is named after and whose cute face you will see in their logo!), from a local organization in 2012. Shortly after bringing her home, they learned that she was suffering from certain phobias and debilitating anxiety.

They wanted to stay away from pharmaceutical-grade tranquilizers and were desperate for a solution for Lola. They did their research and finally found the one that worked – CBD oil. They were however disappointed with the lack of available quality full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs at the time and so they founded LolaHemp.

Susan and Joey have always been involved with the animal rescue community – and they have Lola to thank for that! Back in 2015, the pair launched their own e-commerce store, Lolawawa’s Pet Boutique, aimed at pet lovers and their four-legged friends. They donated a portion of its profits to support the various shelter, foster, and rescue groups that work passionately and tirelessly to find permanent and loving homes for animals in need.

They continue this mission with LolaHemp by donating 1 bottle for every 4 bottles sold to participating rescue organizations.

The business was formed in partnership with Jay O’Keefe, a consultant who has a background in medicinal cannabis. Having worked in a North San Diego cannabis dispensary for five years, he developed an in-depth knowledge of the way in which cannabis interacts with the human body, and he eventually decided to open his own delivery service. For the next 3 years, he supplied medical marijuana for people suffering from debilitating and chronic conditions. It was this industry experience that he leveraged while helping to launch the pet-focused LolaHemp brand.

Are Lola Hemp’s Products Safe For Pets?

Pet lovers can be assured that all of LolaHemp’s products are entirely safe for pets to use. Unlike medicinal cannabis, this product range all contains CBD derived from industrial hemp – a plan which has a high CBD content but virtually no THC. All of LolaHemp’s CBD oils have under 0.03% THC which makes them completely non-psychoactive.

Why Choose Lola Hemp?

There aren’t many product lines on the market today which are solely aimed at the pet CBD market. When you opt for the LolaHemp brand, you can be confident that you’re choosing CBD oils which are manufactured with the specific needs of pets in mind. All the ingredients used have been shown to be completely safe for pets and the dosage is designed with the smaller bodies of dogs in mind. Only hemp grown by organic practices is used to produce this high-quality product range, while the third-party test results prove beyond any doubt that there are no pesticides or herbicides which could harm your pet.

And the differentiating factor for LolaHemp is their heartfelt mission to help the community. Donating CBD oil to rescue homes, they truly want to share the calming and healing benefits of CBD while the abandoned animals cope during the stressful time of transitioning to their new homes. Something any pet-owner and animal-lover would applaud.

LolaHemp has veterinarians in their team and they have vet-approved clear dosing guides on every bottle of tincture, advising the frequency and number of drops to give your pet depending on their condition and body weight.

They also offer a FREE e-book of their Ultimate Guide on CBD Oil for Dogs – which really shows their passion in educating and sharing CBD's benefits to dogs.

Lola Hemp CBD Oil For Dogs 30ml 300mg Tincture

We tried the LolaHemp CBD Oil for dogs 30ml 300mg tincture with our little chihuahua and terrier mix (she kind of reminds us of Lola!). This high-quality product is filled with 300mg of full spectrum CBD hemp oil. It was designed to be used whenever required or even as a regular daily supplement. The product is ideal for dogs who suffer from inflammation and pain, poor mobility, phobias or anxiety, poor appetite, nausea, cancer, digestion problems, poor gut health, skin allergies or aggressive behavior.

Containing only coconut oil and organic hemp oil, this 30ml bottle is protected by a manufacturer’s 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

This tincture is very easy to give to your pet. You can either place the drops directly onto your pet’s tongue or add them to a small amount of their regular food (which is a much simpler option and which is what we actually did the most). We also added some drops to our dog’s treats.

Our dog luckily is very healthy but how we saw LolaHemp help her is to calm her down. When we needed to file her nails, this helped us manage her usually feisty reactions.

There are also two other Lola Hemp CBD oil products available to choose from – a 15ml 150mg tincture and a 600mg 60ml tincture to suit your individual pet’s requirements. The 15ml provides a monthly supply for pets weighing under 15lbs while the 30ml bottle provides a monthly supply for pets weighing between 15 and 40 lbs. The larger 60ml bottle contains a monthly supply for pets which weigh over 40lbs.

A Dedicated Pet CBD Brand

All pet lovers are keen to do their very best for their four-legged friend, and if your pet is suffering from a health condition, it’s only natural to want to find a better solution to relieve their symptoms. LolaHemp CBD could be the perfect way to address their needs. Available in three sizes to suit different sizes of pet, these high-quality tinctures are made only from industrial hemp and are proven in laboratory testing to contain absolutely no pesticides, herbicides or dangerous ingredients which could be harmful to your pet.

While there are a number of other CBD brands on the market which offer a pet CBD oil as part of their larger range, LolaHemp is one of the only brands out there which focuses solely on the pet CBD market. For this reason, you can be confident that you’re choosing a CBD oil which has been manufactured with the specific needs of animals in mind. With clear dosing information on every bottle, this CBD oil product is a great choice for anyone who has a dog that suffers from anxiety, phobias, chronic pain or skin allergies.

If you’re looking for a way to help your beloved pet, LolaHemp’s product line could really fit the bill.

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