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Brand Review: Joy Organics
Products Reviewed: CBD Gummies, CBD Softgels

Joy Organics is a CBD brand which was launched in 2018 from its base in Fort Collins, Colorado. The brand was established by Joy Smith, from whom the company takes its name. Joy had considerable personal experience of the benefits of CBD oil and was keen to share the news with the wider public. The brand has now blossomed into a flourishing industry, with many satisfied customers and an exciting and effective product range. This brand sells a wide range of CBD-infused products including softgels, tinctures, topicals, vape pens, gummies, energy drinks, and even pet items.

The Story Behind Joy Organics

When Joy Organics was established, the initiative behind the project was to develop the highest-quality CBD products using the latest innovations and to bring them to the market with an impressive level of customer service.

The brand’s Co-Founder and CEO, Joy Smith, had plenty of experience herself with the benefits of CBD. The mother, grandmother, and humanitarian was fully focused on bringing compassion and comfort to a wider audience, and CBD products perfectly fell into the scope of her focus.

After suffering insomnia and ongoing shoulder pain, Joy had been looking for a natural solution for her discomfort. It was her son, Gerrid, who suggested that she try CBD oil as a remedy for her issues. Although Joy bought a number of products from several brands, only a few gave her the relief that she was looking for. This early experience with CBD was the beginning of her business journey.

The Smith family have long had a history of being entrepreneurs. The values of excellent and compassion have always been at the heart of everything the family does, and so when the Joy Organics CBD business was launched, it was with the very highest standards and with a fresh and dynamic approach.

Joy Organics’ Hemp

The hemp used in Joy Organics products is organically grown in the USA. It has been refined for seven years so that it has naturally high levels of CBD and very low natural THC levels. The hemp that Joy Organics use for their product line is grown specifically for CBD. As the same proprietary strain is used in every product in the range, users can benefit from consistent results every time, and every product is guaranteed to be non-GMO.

What Should I Know About Joy Organics’ CBD Products?

All of Joy Organics’ CBD products are guaranteed to be entirely free of all THC. All also have a high bioavailability for maximum results. Since the hemp used for the products is grown in the USA and the products are all manufactured in America too, users can enjoy complete peace of mind in the quality of the range.

Are Joy Organics Products Safe And Tested?

All of Joy Organics’ product range has undergone stringent industry-leading third-party laboratory testing on both the product as a whole and on their individual ingredients. All of those lab test results can be viewed on the company’s website, revealing that there are no synthetics, pesticides or heavy metals contained in any of the product lines, and also showing the precise level of CBD in every product.

Joy Organics also guarantees that all its products are zero THC thanks to the purification process this brand uses which removes all THC together with chlorophyll and wax. As a result, the final product has a super-high CBD concentration. Joy Organics is proud to be the top non-THC brand available today based on its social media engagement and number of website visitors. For customers’ peace of mind, this brand also offers impressive customer service seven days a week, and there is even a 30-day manufacturer’s money-back guarantee. 

So, what can be expected of Joy Organics products? We tried them to find out more. We tested both Joy Organics CBD gummies and their softgels and we were impressed by what we found.

CBD Gummies 

Joy Organics’ CBD gummies are made using both broad-spectrum and isolate CBD. They are also vegan, which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t use animal products. There are actually only eight ingredients used in making these gummies, and all are natural, so you can have peace of mind that you won’t be consuming anything harmful when you eat these CBD infused gummies. Each gummy contains 20mg of CBD and, while they don’t actually taste very much like regular gummy bears, they don’t taste terrible. We got used to the flavor pretty quickly, and we found that their speedy action within around 30 minutes made them a great choice for relieving feelings of pain and anxiety.

CBD Softgels 

Joy Organics sells three different types of CBD softgels. There are plain softgels as well as those with added melatonin to promote restful sleep and those with added curcumin to improve joint health. We tried the plain softgels and were impressed by how easy they were to take. Every softgel is manufactured using water-soluble nanoemulsion technology which increases bioavailability by as much as 200% when compared to oil-based CBD products. We found that this made a huge difference. The softgels come in either a 10mg or 25mg variety. We found that, even though those dosages were relatively low, they were as effective as a much stronger product. The effects were quite speedy too, kicking in within around 30-40 minutes to relieve anxiety and pain.

Should I Buy Joy Organics CBD Products?

We were very impressed with the quality and performance of Joy Organics CBD products. Both the softgels and gummies were easy to take and delivered an excellent dose of CBD. Thanks to the lab test results which are easy to find, and the fact that they contain zero THC we had complete peace of mind when using these products. We would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants an organic, high-quality CBD product to ease pain, relieve anxiety or to improve overall wellness. 

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