How To Test for THC/CBD Concentration at Home? Legit CBD Test Kits

Accurately find out how much CBD content is in your material.

Dosing accurate amounts of the THC and CBD is crucial if you rely on medical marijuana as a medical treatment like pain or even epilepsy. Everyone knows that cannabinoids are the most important ingredient in weed and CBD. These are the chemical compounds in cannabis, which react with the receptors in the human brain and body.  Different cannabinoid concentration yield unique reactions and effects. Many of which can alleviate certain types of symptoms and medical condition. Two of the most famous cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

THC can stimulate appetite, prevent sleep apnea and act as antioxidant. Recent studies show that THC can reduce the risk of having glaucoma. CBD oil, on the other hand, has (although not scientifically proven) been shown to relieve anxiety, suppress epileptic fits, reduce diabetic symptoms and stimulate bone growth. Both can also work together to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, curb symptoms of depression and even inhibit tumor cells.

Using a Kit for Determining THC and CBD Content

A basic on-site test kit, like CB Scientific Personal Analytics detection kit, is an easy and affordable way to test marijuana flowers for two different cannabinoids from your own home. In fact, it is even used by the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime for finding out the controlled substance THC in the field. The US Food and Drug administration also recognizes this TLC analytical technique.

CB Scientific THC detection kit delivers fast results within just 10 minutes! Start with placing minimal amounts of cannabis into the provided snap top vials. Next, the solutions are added to the vials. Shake the sample after that.

The solutions will react with the THC in the cannabis that is being tested.  Detection kit comes with a color chart. Color of the solution in the vial must be compared with the colors on the chart. The scale begin with a very pale red to white area. That is equivalent to 0 percent THC. On the other end, the dark red color means there is at least 20 percent THC or even higher.

Knowing the cannabinoid concentration of dried marijuana flowers would be beneficial when you are analyzing which marijuana strain or cbd to buy. This is especially true to those who are seeking specific symptom relief. Bottom line is that the information is not always available. THC and CBD kits will be very helpful for patients who want to verify the cannabinoid content of their medicine. It is also recommended for recreational users and home cultivators for testing home grown strains.

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