7 Ways to Save Money and Still Get High -Budget Hacks

We all love doing what we makes us happy and saving additional moolah at the same time. That’s why even if you’re an avid smoker, you enjoy saving money while indulging on your favorite herb, right? The choice is simple: either conserving your weed or just finding the absolute best deals to always make sure you’re not spending too much. To make it more specific, we came up of ways on how you can save money and still get high.

1Grind it Good

Using a grinder for your weed before you put it into your smoking device is a great way to conserve.This is because you are increasing the surface area of the material you have in doing so.


Do you constantly vape your flower and dry herb? If so, I found that theres much left on the table if you have been diligent enough on saving your already been vaped weed! Believe me, while it's not my greatest crowning achievement I have done this time and time again and it has not let me down yet.

3It’s sometimes okay NOT to share

Listen, if you have freeloader friends who just came over when they sensed that you have a nice full stash, then they have to go.You’ll save a ton of weed, trust us. Plus, if you are on a tight budget and don’t have much weed, just don’t spread the word on your smoking intentions. The day will come when you can share—when you have more than what you need.

4Thou shall vaporize

You can lose a little weed to the carpet or the air if you let the blunt burn for a bit too long. This can make you go nuts! By vaping, you get out all of the cannabinoids that you put in. You’ also save money on blunt wraps and don’t have to deal with the ashes.

5Grow your own

Take advantage of the laws that allow you to cultivate your own cannabis, being in a legal state. Cultivating weed is insanely easy these days. Weed seeds are widely available in the web. However, if it’s not legal on your own place, always be careful.

6Buy before you’re dry

The key here is self-control. Buy a little every time before you run out completely. In that way, you will still have supply in the rainy days. Hide your stash and pretend you don’t know where it is when you do.

7Mangoes can Help You Get High

Try eating mangoes before smoking pot. These are rich in myrcene a terpene, which is also found in cannabis flowers. Our body easily digests myrcene and interacts with the THC enhancing your high. Believe it or not.


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