Hack Your High: How to Deal with Tolerance

When you have been smoking pot for several months, you may noticed that it can took longer for you to get high. Smoking marijuana, just like consuming coffee and alcohol, induces a much higher tolerance  than the normal when you do it frequently. This may not be a good sign for chronic users because too much of it is bad for health.

Fortunately, there’s always a way around it. You might consider taking a break from it for starters but there is also a way to get your tolerance back to normal without completely quitting itRoll smaller papers

1 Roll smaller papers

This tip is very simple. You just need to reduce the amount of weed when you’re rolling up. For avid stoners, this could be very effective because it did not include breaking the habit. By rolling smaller blunts, you’ll still get what you want to feel while slowly decreasing your tolerance. Lessen 20 percent of weed in each paper. Also, switch from King size papers to smaller ones.

2 Mind over Body

Trick your body by switching up your methods. As reported, users experienced different degrees of high when exploring other ways. It maybe as easy as transitioning from smoking to vaping or from dabbing to smoking. Then, do it on repeat because it is a quick way to ruin your tolerance.

3 Cannabinoids are the Key

Try switching from taking strains with a high THC content to a high CBD strains instead. It’s a win-win by still managing your tolerance while still taking in the therapeutic benefits of each cannabinoid. THC and CBD have amazing yet unique effects on the body. Consider taking high CBD strains for a change.

4 Immersed in Physical Activity

Remember: THC levels increased by 15% after a little cardiovascular exercise before smoking. This is maybe because the heart is quicker in pumping blood throughout the body. Moreover, cannabis can also benefits exercise because when you get high, you can no longer feel pain from a strenuous exercise.

5 Explore with Different Strains

Various strains have different effects, so it’s wise to switch it up a bit. Plus, smoking from a new bag is always the most satisfying because the body isn’t used to it yet. Less THC, the better.

6 One-hitter wonders

Chillum, also known as one-hitter, gets its AKA from one hit, you won’t get tempted to go back for seconds, thirds or fourths. Put it in your pocket so you won’t have to carry your entire stash around which will trigger you to smoke even more.

7 Frequent tolerance break

Instead of taking long tolerance break which is maddening, try shorter breaks like 3-4 days at a time. Cutting back is the most effective way to deal with high tolerance. When you got stoned again after the break, it would be pretty epic!

8 Caffeine can Kill Your High

Medical professionals claim that when cannabis and caffeine were taken together would mix neurochemically. Complementing each other, both caffeine and cannabis can bring out the properties of the other, making the users pumped up and sleepy at the same time. This dynamic combination can stimulate dopamine neurons throughout the brain that’s why many people are loving trying this. However, some researchers suggested that when caffeine is mixed with marijuana’s psychoactive element, THC, it can trigger  the feeling of paranoia or increase anxiety.

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