Green Smart Living Review

Green Smart Living was established in 2010 from a small office in Salt Lake City Utah. In a short amount of time, it has managed to win the loyalty of its customers due to its innovative products and exceptional customer service. They have also ventured outside the United States and have opened their offices in Germany and Spain. Green Smart Living aims to provide their customers a healthier and green alternative to traditional cigarette. Most electronic cigarette sell their products online, but Green Smart Living want to expand their reach and sells their products at convenience stores, liquor stores, smoke shops and pharmacies as well. This allows customers to touch and feel the cigarette before buying it.

GSL Starter Kits

Green Smart Living wants to ensure that people can transit from smoking to vaping without any problem. Thus, they offer a single Starter Kit package at a reasonable price of $22.99. It contains everything one would need for vaping.  The Green Smart Living Starter Kit contains one battery, two flavor cartridges in menthol and tobacco flavor with 1.8% nicotine strength and one USB charger.

The product is easy to set up. One just need to screw the refill cartridges to the batter and the device is ready to vape. GSL offers only one type of battery that is powerful and lasts long. When you buy a starter kit, you get a full charged battery so that you can start vaping immediately after buying it. Once the battery is drained, the battery requires 2 hours to be charges, which is quite impressive.

You can buy GSL flavors including methol, tobacco, vanilla, peach, strawberry, clove and acai berry, in two nicotine strengths – 1.8% and 0.6%. What makes Green Smart Living different is that the nicotine used in their flavor is that it is all natural and derived from plant sources such as tomatoes and potatoes. But, there is no difference in the taste and is much better than those derived from other means. The vapour produced by the device is quite thick and do not require a hard suction to produce vapour. The flavor also tastes great in the mouth and you get a great aftertaste in your mouth.

You can also buy a number of Green Smart Living accessories. GSL does not mean in offering accessories that are used just once or twice. They offer accessories that are essential and straightforward. You can buy wall adapter charger, car charger and USB charger separately. You can also buy a stylish carrying case that looks fashionable to carry around. You can also get a 30 day warranty on your kit and also get free shipping.


Green Smart Living is a healthy alternative to smoking. It also produced no smoke and does not leave a odour in your body after smoking. So, if you want to quit smoking, then Green Smart Living electronic cigarettes is a great way to start it. You can also get 10-20% off discounts by using these Green Smart Living discount coupon codes.



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