Green Eco-Tourism Wins: Weed company buys an Entire Town

In a major sign of the times, a company named American Green Inc has purchased an entire town with plans to churn it into a green paradise – completely centered around the eco-tourism, and production of cannabis products.

A former gold and silver mining stop turned ghost town and now home to just 16 residents, Nipton lies in the middle of the Mojave Desert in California. At first glance, it seems dusty, dirty and hot and you wonder if anyone notices it from the highway, let alone stops for a bite or a desert souvenir. Yet, a closer look is probably what really sold this company on Nipton, California.

As the gateway town into the Mojave desert, it is not unwelcoming. The eco-cabins have wood stoves and tarp tops to let out the hot air. A solar field put in 7 years ago supplies clean power to the whole town. Sunset Magazine and the LA Times have both run pieces on the appeal of the town, which includes its location in the harsh desert: it’s only an hour from Las Vegas and 3 hours from Los Angeles. Cameras were brought  from CNN Travel: With Me As Your Guide to create a short video highlighting the peaceful town and its somewhat self-proclaimed town leader and caretaker, Jim Eslinger, who runs the shop and likes to show visitors was it’s really like to turn off the city noise and experience nature for a sec.

American Green’s site states that it “was one of the first publicly traded technology companies in the medical cannabis industry” and now can brag that it has “over 50,000 individual shareholders, the largest shareholder base of any cannabis-related public company in the US”.

Along with expanding their solar farm, Huffington Post quotes that American Green includes “CBD and mineral baths, cannabis-product retail outposts, artists-in-residence programs [and] culinary events” as part of the preliminary business plan.

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