GoGreen Hemp CBD Review

Brand Review: GoGreen Hemp
Products Reviewed: CBD Balm, CBD Lip Balm, Rapid Relief Patch, CBD-Infused Freeze Roll-On, CBD-Infused Heat Roll-On
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The Background of GoGreen Hemp

Based in Plantation, Florida, GoGreen Hemp was first established a few years ago in 2016 by Roman Marcinkevicius. The company originated when a college athlete whose career had come to an untimely end due to an ankle injury found that CBD was the healing solution they had been looking for. The brand is focused on bringing CBD’s impressive properties to everyone and, to this end, it has introduced an array of high-quality products to suit the needs of all users. From THC-free tinctures and edibles to gel capsules, pre-filled cartridges, bath products, and topicals, their broad-spectrum CBD products won’t disappoint.

Top-Quality Hemp

All of the hemp used to produce GoGreen Hemp’s product line has been grown in Colorado with organic cultivation practices. All of the products in the range are guaranteed and certified to be non-GMO and there are some kosher and vegan products within the range to bring them within reach of as wide a target market as possible.

What Sets GoGreen Hemp Apart From Other Brands?

One of GoGreen Hemp’s major selling points is that it is a one-stop-shop for all your CBD product needs. With an enormous choice of topicals, edibles, capsules, tinctures and oil cartridges to pick from, GoGreen Hemp makes it easier than ever to find a product that suits you.

Is GoGreen Hemp A Safe Brand?

Of course, everyone who uses CBD products needs to be confident that they are made from high-quality hemp and contain no unwanted contaminants or ingredients which could cause harm to their health. GoGreen Hemp takes its responsibilities in this respect very seriously, ensuring that every product is third-party tested by product and by batch. Every single product has its own unique batch number ID which can be traced back to its individual laboratory test result. There is full traceability from end-to-end with every product in the brand’s range. From extract to finished product, it’s possible to see at a glance precisely where each product has come from. Even the raw materials are fully tested for pesticides, solvents, microbial and heavy metals for the customers’ peace of mind. If you have any concerns or aren’t satisfied with your purchase for any reason, GoGreen Hemp is even happy to refund or resend any unopened or damaged product.

The GoGreen Hemp Product Line

GoGreen Hemp boasts an especially extensive selection of CBD products. We tested some of them.

CBD Balm Salve – Eucalyptus and Lavender

This high-quality CBD Balm Salve is designed to offer support in the relief to targeted areas of the body. The MCT and beeswax base is blended with pure CBD oil that is entirely free of THC for easy application. Available in two sizes – 1oz and 4oz, this product contains either 500mg or 1000mg of CBD and offers impressive support in soothing strained muscles and joints. The Eucalyptus and Lavender also helped support a sense of calm for us.

CBD Lip Balm

This 35mg CBD lip balm comes in a choice of two delicious flavors – cherry and vanilla, both of which are especially pleasant. They are made from THC-free CBD, MCT, and beeswax and are ideal for anyone who needs to maintain lip moisturization.

Rapid Relief Patch

This CBD-infused relief patch works really well to target areas of discomfort anywhere on the body. Containing 50mg of CBD, this infused wrap is simple to use and provides a heated to cool effect, releasing high-quality CBD. The patch has helped to bring relief from aches exercise and helped support a healthy sleep routine. This is also a vegan product.

CBD-Infused Freeze Roll-On

Finding an effective and quick way to alleviate pain in the joints can be a challenge, however, with GoGreen Hemp’s CBD-Infused Freeze Roll-on, it’s never been easier to get relief, even when on the go. We found this product that contains menthol, helped to support our recovery from exercise-induced soreness and liked its cooling effect. It has tea tree oil too, which is believed to have antibacterial properties.

CBD-Infused Heat Roll-On

GoGreen Hemp’s CBD-Infused Heat Roll-On is another ideal on the go solution for anybody who needs to find a quick way to help support recovery from soreness. It worked well similar to the Freeze Roll-On but works best for someone who prefers a neutral or heating effect versus menthol’s cooling effect. This variant has papaya fruit extract which is believed to help the skin look firm and fight the signs of aging.

Should I Buy From GoGreen Hemp?

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD products, consider GoGreen Hemp. Thanks to their Colorado-grown organic industrial hemp, their cutting edge third-party lab testing procedures and their enormous product line that caters to the needs of every customer, this company addresses the needs of everyone who would like to incorporate CBD in their daily life.

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