Forget Federal Legalization! Let’s work on its Schedule I Status

Ever since President Richard Nixon started the so-called war on drugs, Cannabis has been categorized as a Schedule I drug, which is a class reserved for the real hard hitters to include Quaaludes and Heroin. In other words, substances with high potential for abuse and addiction, and which also serve little to no positive health or pharmaceutical use are put in this category so as to allow longer jail times and prevent addiction epidemics and the like. Tragic to those who enjoy cannabis safely, and especially those who benefit so much health-wise, it’s notable to add that both cocaine and methamphetamine are lawfully considered safer substances, as they are listed as Schedule II.

There are many who have long seen the US drug schedule system as a government tactic to control the public and put more minorities and poor people in jail. Many conspiracy theories abound, but when considering where the real truth lies, it’s also notable to know that Schedule I drugs are very difficult to clear for legitimate medical study. Big Pharma couldn’t possibly be apart of this loophole, right? Ha.

Anyways, trying to get weed to a much lower classification would be a great big baby step and thankfully, a bipartisan bill was filed by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R) and Rep. Darren Soto(D) in Congress to reduce its status to Schedule III, making it on the same level legally with Vicodin, Codeine, and anabolic steroids.

“I have supported cannabis reform as a state legislator, and I want to see the people that I fought for in my state have access to a legal, high-quality product that’s been well-researched,” proclaimed Gaez.

However, the said bill won’t back up recreational marijuana usage. It is aimed mostly at elevating medical research and the economy by allowing medical cannabis dispensaries to work openly. Currently, green businesses can not conduct simple business tasks like banking as it conflicts with FDIC and IRS laws designed to inhibit drug money laundering.

If ever the bill would successfully be passed, financial institutions won’t be burdened by Section 280E of the U.S. Tax Code which would fine and press criminal charges to banks caught offering financial help to cannabis businessmen. Moreover, researching for healing effects of marijuana will bolster as it will be more viable to gather data without the constraints of strict cannabis control.

The Congressmen claim that most of the Americans support their cause stating that nine out of ten people support legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes. 71 percent of the voters from their hometown agreed to approve the utilization of weed for patients with related conditions. Let’s get behind this one, nature’s best medicines should be shared and celebrated not criminalized and hidden.

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