Drug Test Time: How to Get Weed out of Your System

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Thirty days of abstinence from Marijuana use is not enough because THC can still be detected, according to the  recent data. Flushing out THC in your system can make the difference in passing or failing an upcoming drug test.

Fat tissues in your body store THC and its metabolites and gradually eliminates it over time. To put it simply, the more fat you have, the more ‘storage room’ the THC will have, making it detectable for longer periods.Furthermore, the metabolism speed tells how long THC will stay in the system. So, leaner and more active people can get rid of traces of pot in their body faster than the others.

However, everybody is different so one can never be too certain. Very infrequent users will be drug-free in about three days while frequent users will be clean in 1 to 2 weeks after stopping all weed usage. However, you don’t want to depend on this assumption. Here are some foolproof ways to help you get pass a drug test



Drink lots of fluids

And by “lots”, we mean really, really lots of fluids This naturally accelerates urination allowing cannabis to be out your body a lot quicker.

2Vitamin B as a “cover-up”

Creatine, which is a chemical waste product that is already naturally in your body. Levels of it can help detect if your urine is diluted or not. Vitamin B makes your urine yellow in color that is characteristic of the average, non-diluted stream. Without any vitamin B and too much water, your urine would be virtually clear; this is the most obvious sign that a sample is diluted.

3Add more Fiber to your Diet

Almost 65% of THC is removed through feces. The more you poo, the less THC remains in your system. Eat high-fiber foods like beans, fruits and veggies which can be beneficial for detoxing

4Detox Drinks along with Vitamin B

Note: these are not enough to pass a drug test but it is a supplement that can help. It contains additional vitamin B and creatine, which hides the fact that the urine is diluted.


A great exit for THC is through sweating. Participating in activities that requires more effort and yielding more sweat can remove the remnants of cannabis from your system. A word of caution though: you must avoid working out for at least 24 hours before the drug test. It may result in THC levels shooting up, which we want to avoid.

6Pay close attention to your Urine stream

Fact: highest THC levels are in the beginning and the end of urine stream. Use the middle stream as the urine sample.


The Best possible way to face the dreaded drug test: BE PREPARED!

You just simply follow through all these steps and more. What do we mean by more? Well, a bit of research won’t hurt and If you want to be sure that you’ll pass a drug test, purchase an at-home test of the type so you’ll be able to the results at your own first. That way, you’ll have an idea if your efforts will be rewarded or not, even before you step foot in the testing facility.

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