Davinci IQ Review

The Davinici IQ dry herb vaporizer sports an array of features, packed in a design that makes it perfect for beginners and veteran vapers alike. Let's jump into our indepth Davinci IQ Vaporizer review and look at this vape to see if it’s worth its $274.99 price tag.


  • Design

With its rectangular shape and led-based interface, the Davinci IQ opts to keep things sleek, simple and portable. When it comes to building any product, materials are just as important as the appearance – and in this area, the Davinci doesn’t pull any punches.

The main body is made with brushed aluminum, uses a ceramic chamber and even uses a zirconia pearl in the heating chamber for even distribution.


Like many similar devices we've reviewed, the Davinci IQ relies on LED lights to keep users informed about battery life and temperature. We love how bright this thing is with it's innovative scrolling design.  

A digital display will output for the temperature by pressing the power button and you're able to adjust by single degree increments using the side button interface OR through the available smartphone app.

A major bonus to this vape (and many like it) is the removable 18650 battery. If your vape dies, you can simply carry a spare with you and you’re good to go.

  • Ease of Use

There some aspects that make the Davinci IQ simple, while in other areas, it can get tricky.

First, the Davinci IQ offers two modes geared toward advanced users and beginners. Precision Mode gives more specific temperature control, or Smart Path Mode, which automatically increases the temperature over time. The rate can be controlled through the smartphone app and adjusted to individual tastes.

Sadly, there are a lot of settings and button combinations to remember on this device, so study the instructions thoroughly until you get a feel for the device.

  • Experience

Thanks to the zirconia found in both the heating chamber and mouthpiece, vapers will enjoy low heat conduction. Zirconia also acts as a flavor enhancer as the air moves through the vaporizer. In turn, you receive cool, great-tasting vapor with massive clouds and no chance of overheating – at least not with the mouthpiece. The body, however, is another story.

Because of the Davinci IQ’s portable design, packing that kind of power in such a small space inevitably leads to overheating after extended use. Be on the lookout for that minor hiccup.

In general, the Davinci IQ is a great choice if you’re looking for a consistent vape with great flavor and a smooth haul.

  • Conclusion

While not perfect, the Davinici IQ has something to offer for everyone. For intermediate vapers looking to advance, jumping from the simple presets to the more advanced manual controls can be a huge change. The learning curve on this vape is very low compared to others like the Firefly 2, I'd say it's similar to the Pax 3. In reality, anyone can master this vape within a few minutes – and really squeeze it for every benefit it has.


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