Comfort Leaf CBD Review

Brand Review: Comfort Leaf
Products Reviewed: CBD Tincture Oil 1000mg, CBD Gummies, CBD Concentrate Vapor

Comfort Leaf is an exciting new company focused on the CBD market. It was first launched in 2018 in Orlando Florida by individuals with a passion to share the benefits of Cannabidiol with a bigger audience. Selling a great range of high-quality products, Comfort Leaf is already receiving rave reviews from a host of happy customers. 

What Is Comfort Leaf’s Mission?

Comfort Leaf has been established with the sole objective of creating high-quality CBD products derived from USA-grown industrial hemp. All of this brand’s products are made in direct conjunction with farms that are contracted under the KDA (Kentucky Department of Agriculture)’s Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program. 

The team behind Comfort Leaf are passionate about the health-promoting benefits that Cannabidiol can bring. Convinced by the improvements that they have seen in those who have begun to use this non-psychoactive product, and, indeed the improvements that they have seen in their own well-being, they are dedicated to increasing the life quality for thousands more people who suffer from a host of medical issues by making CBD more accessible to everyone.

The Team Behind Comfort Leaf

Comfort Leaf is owned by a group of three friends – Andy Berlin, the Founder of the company, Kristen Adelmann who is the Chief Product Officer and Steven Gerritse who is both a Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer. As well as the three owners, there are also five other board members, four of whom are silent partners with experience in the cannabis/hemp industry since 2014 and the onboard licensed doctor, Dr. Richard Silva.

The founders took their inspiration to establish Comfort Leaf from their own positive experiences with CBD. Using their own 15 year-long passion for technology and their experience of building online brands, the trio launched their business with the intention of proving that the stigma which still so often surrounds hemp is entirely misplaced. 

All three owners use CBD products to improve their health and well-being. Andy suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, while Steven suffers from Psoriasis and Tendonitis. Meanwhile, Kristen uses CBD to improve her skin condition and to relieve menstrual cramps. All three have derived relief from taking Cannabidiol.

Where Does Comfort Leaf Get Its Hemp From?

All Comfort Leaf’s products are derived from industrial hemp plants which are cultivated in the USA on a farm in Kentucky. This farm (GenCanna) is one of the largest in the state and has been producing hemp since 2014 under the U.S Farming Bill. GenCanna even has a patent on its crop, which is guaranteed to be THC free. The strain that Comfort Leaf uses is called OC-00. It was specifically developed for GenCanna by University of Kentucky molecular geneticists. The strain was created by breeding selective existing hemp cultivars until finally a THC-free hemp strain was developed.

Are Comfort Leaf’s Products High-Quality?

Comfort Leaf only uses CBD isolate in their products, but are hoping eventually to expand into offering Full-Spectrum products when there is a change in the laws surrounding THC. At the present time, however, all of their products are completely free from any psychoactive compounds and therefore are entirely legal in all states.

All of this brand’s products are also guaranteed to be vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and to contain absolutely no GMO ingredients. All are sourced only from natural organic plant-based ingredients. The only product in their range which is not yet suitable for vegetarians or vegans is the 300mg Gummy Bears. This is because they contain gelatin (as well as artificial flavorings). The brand is, however, working on developing a line of vegan gummies and hope to bring them to the market in the near future to meet customer demand and to achieve their objective of being an entirely vegan/cruelty-free organization. 

Are Comfort Leaf Products Safe?

All isolate used in Comfort Leaf’s products is thoroughly tested by the GenCanna farm before it arrives at the brand’s Delray, Florida manufacturing facility. Therefore, Comfort Leaf has a Certificate of Analysis lab result for the raw material isolate which then goes into their product line. Not content with only one set of lab tests, Comfort Leaf then tests their final product for its terpene profile (in the case of vapes), the CBD content, for any microbiological contamination, pesticides or heavy metals, and publish those results on their website for each and every product batch.

Furthermore, Comfort Leaf takes product safety even further by always complying with the relevant state laws and guidelines for both hemp-derived products and nutritional supplements. All this brand’s products display QR codes that can be scanned with ease by smart devices to direct the user to all of the relevant information like the ingredients, reviews and lab test results.

What Sets Comfort Leaf Apart From The Other CBD Brands?

Not only are Comfort Leaf’s founders medicinal cannabis patients themselves, but they are also graduates from Orlando’s Learn Sativa University. Thanks to their impressive educational background and close working relationships with like-minded professionals within the industry through their affiliate program, the team are very familiar with all aspects of cannabis plants and whether they contain CBD or THC. 

As a whole, the Comfort Leaf team are constantly striving to educate themselves more fully about the benefits of Cannabidiol Also, the onboard doctor from the brand’s Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Silva, is a Medica Cannabis Doctor who strongly advocates the use of CBD products for his patients.

Comfort Leaf aims to make it as easy as possible for those in most need to access CBD products. To that end, they have in place a Veteran Assistance Program which offers large discounts on their products to those who have seen active service. 

Does Comfort Leaf Have A Good Returns Policy?

Comfort Leaf is dedicated to ensuring that they offer the very best customer service to buyers. For this reason, they offer an excellent returns policy. Buyers are asked to check their shipment carefully as soon as it arrives for any damage. Claims for a damaged product can be made up to 72 hours after receiving their purchase, however photographic evidence and detailed information about the nature of the damage must be supplied.

The company also offers a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days of receipt of the product if buyers are dissatisfied for any reason, although return shipping is payable by the customer. 

Product Reviews

Comfort Leaf sells a range of  CBD products to suit the needs of a variety of customers. From natural and unflavored tincture oils in a choice of strengths to vape cartridges, CBD infused edibles and topicals, their product selection is impressive. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top options from their range. 

150mg CBD + Gelato Terpenes Vape Cartridge

Comfort Leaf sells three different CBD vape cartridges, ideal for use with standard vaporizers, vape pens or e-cigarettes. All three have a strength of 150mg and come in a choice of three mouthwatering flavors derived from a proprietary blend of terpenes for outstanding taste. The Pineapple Express cartridge is derived from a hybrid strain, while Strawberry Lemonade is derived from a Sativa and the Gelato cartridge is derived from an Indica strain. 

We tried out the CBD cartridge with Gelato terpenes and were impressed by the sweet aroma of the cartridge which was apparent even before it was opened. There’s no unpleasant chemical taste or odor and the taste is well-balanced with a custardy flavor. As you’d expect from an Indica dominant strain, the effects are noticeably relaxing and uplifting and last for a couple of hours following inhalation.

1000mg Peppermint CBD Tincture Oil 

Comfort Leaf sell CBD tincture oils in three different strengths (500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg) to suit customers’ differing needs. All are made from all-natural 99%+ pure CBD isolate as well as MCT oil from coconut oil. All come in 30ml bottles and come in a choice of three flavors – natural, peppermint, and lavender. A dosage card is supplied with every tincture order. We tried the 1000mg peppermint CBD tincture oil and were very impressed by the flavor. Unflavored CBD oil can have a distinctive, earthy flavor which isn’t to everyone’s taste. This one has a pleasant minty taste which is subtle and refreshing. The effects are rapid-acting, kicking in within around 15 minutes. We found this tincture effective at helping to reducing feelings of discomfort and pain, and the benefit lasted up to 4 hours.

300mg CBD Gummy Bears

The pack of 30 CBD gummy bears contains a total 300mg of CBD, or 10mg per piece. Looking very similar to standard candies, they are one of the most discreet ways to use CBD. There are five different flavors in the pack – lime, lemon, cherry, orange and pina colada. When we tried these gummy bears, we particularly enjoyed the refreshing aroma that exudes from the bottle as soon as it’s opened. We found the taste quite similar to sour gummy worms, with a similar powdery sweet coating. We found that there was no unpleasant earthy flavor and no unwanted aftertaste after trying all five varieties. As you’d expect from an edible, the effects didn’t kick in for around an hour, but when they began to work, they were effective in promoting an uplifting, positive mood with reduced pain. Two gummy bears (20mg) provided sufficient relief for all-day use.

Should I Buy Comfort Leaf Products?

Overall, we would definitely recommend Comfort Leaf’s CBD products. All made in the USA to the highest quality and rigorously tested and proven to be safe, their product line offers a wide range of products to suit the needs of all kinds of people. Their oils, vape cartridges and gummy bears all have pleasant aromas and flavors and produced impressive effects. In short, they’re well worth trying.

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