cbdMD Brand Review

Brand Review: cbdMD
Products Reviewed: CBD Freeze 1500MG Cold Therapy Pain Relief, CBD Recover 1500MG Inflammation Formula, CBD Vaping Oil 1500MG, Premium CBD Gummies 300MG and 750MG, Premium CBD Oil 3000MG, CBD dog treats 750mg and CBD pet oil 300mg
Visit:  https://www.cbdmd.com

About cbdMD

Sourcing the majority of their hemp from Kentucky, one of the nation’s leading producers of industrial hemp with a unique environment for agriculture, cbdMD claims to have the highest quality of CBD oils in the country produced through a careful and extensive process from seed to shelf.

With their 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping to all parts of the US, customers feel they’re getting a security blanket for trying out their products versus other brands. They are also relatively cheaper, competing well for the per-gram price, as shown in their CBD Pricing Comparison shown on their homepage.

Topped with amazing customer service through various sales representatives responding to feedback promptly, they’re in for making it far on the industry.

We are always up to find the best CBD oil products in the market today and that's what we have done. From their current line-up, we have chosen to put some highlight on some of the CBD products that consistently get great feedback from consumers and try them ourselves.

CBD Freeze 1500MG Cold Therapy Pain Relief

Comes in roller or gel with thin viscosity which allows for deep skin absorption, CBD Freeze was created for various skin types and for individuals experiencing severe pain, whether on joints or muscles, from arthritis to back pains and fibromyalgia and sciatica. It contains high quality and 100% organic CBD extracts planted and processed in the US.

We were very pleased with the effectiveness of the product on relieving our muscle aches in just a few minutes, making us more calm and relaxed.

No wonder this is recommended by professional and recreational athletes, and adults trying to live an active lifestyle who even find themselves ditching pain pills for this. From trying it a few times after an exhausting day out and all-out sessions at the gym, we won’t be surprised to see our testers adding this to their daily routine.

CBD Recover 1500MG Inflammation Formula

Containing 1500g of premium CBD per serving, this formula targets inflammation of nerves, tendons, muscles, and ligaments that help the body recover quickly and get you back to 100% as quickly as possible. Apart from containing Arnica that helps with white cell stimulation, it is notable, too that this has Vitamin B6 that aids in the repair inflammation. Elderly testers with arthritis experienced immense relief and helped decrease challenges in doing their daily routines.

Made with 100% non-GMO and organic hemp, the aromatherapy effect is the most notable for us. It does have a pleasant scent, unlike other topicals we have tried. It really helped significantly on addressing achy muscles and joints plus helped lift our mood. It comes in a tub or squeeze tube, both are 40z.

CBD Vaping Oil 1500MG in Orange

With three flavors – mint, orange, and vanilla – cbdMD’s vaping oil is specially designed to ensure that consumers maximize the benefits of CBD oil to be absorbed by your lungs and body at a quicker rate through the vapable option.

We’re lucky to be able to get to try the vape oil in Orange, cbdMD’s most popular flavor that is almost always sold out. After a couple of uses, we felt our headache has eased and we were able to sleep better. And the bonus is, the flavor really is great.

The CBD Vaping Oil comes in 30mL and 60mL bottles and invariants of 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg.

Premium CBD Gummies 300MG and 750MG

cbdMD’s gummies come in bottles of 300mg (10mg/gummy) and 750mg (25mg/gummy) and have Strawberry, Orange, and Blue Raspberry flavors. They truly come as a CBD treat, as they are easier to swallow while enjoying the full health benefits of CBD. Their line of CBD Oil Gummies comes into partitioned doses. They do taste yummy and appreciate knowing that the ingredients are all organic that includes organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, organic sunflower oil, and organic fruit and vegetable juice.

These were tried for a variety of concerns including fatigue, overall muscle and back pains, as well as stress. Some have shared an overall feeling of relaxation and relief.

Premium CBD Oil 3000MG

cbdMD is proud of their hybrid full-spectrum process that produces the purest CBD preserving cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and essential oils are made into Oil Tincture. Being palatable and pleasant tasting, this tincture wins the hearts and taste buds of people by having experienced relief of back, neck, and knee pain, gave calmness and focus during times and better sleep during times of stress. We have tried the Berry flavor and were quite impressed by the smoothness and natural-like taste.

Their CBD oil also come in Mint, Orange, and Natural and in 30mL and 60mL bottles with 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, and 3000mg. Apart from CBD which has 0% THC, it has MCT Oil (from coconut oil) as a carrier oil.

CBD Dog Treats 750mg and CBD Oil for Dogs 3000mg Peanut Butter

We have to say, while we are very comfortable trying CBD products for ourselves, we are always careful and hesitant to get our beloved pets involved! And so we tested this last, after we have tested the rest. 🙂

100% all-natural with 50mg USA Grade-A premium CBD per treat, cbdMD’s dog treats contains the freshest ingredients and are aimed to make our pets happy and healthy. They specially baked puppy-approved peanut butter dog treats without meat or poultry by-products and no additives. The bite-sized biscuits contain eggs, coconut oil, peanut butter, honey, flour, steel-cut oats, water and CBD oil. The CBD Pet oil also have 0% THC and all contain MCT Oil and Peanut Butter extract. We have seen a significant jump of energy on the dogs after consumption. Definitely a great way to reward your pet regularly and keep them healthy and thriving.

Sleep-Aid CBD PM Tincture Drops

To be honest, we were very excited for this. Having trouble sleeping at night is a common thing we experience at Pure Green Living and we are always on the lookout for natural alternatives. We are very happy to report that we have found the one! cbdMD's PM blends include all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free CBD combined with melatonin and other natural ingredients known to aid relaxation and sleep – chamomile, valerian root, and cascade hops. We take this 30 minutes before we go to bed and we feel the winding down and ease into what we expect will be a very restful and deep sleep. We love it.

CBD Bath Bombs

A new way to relax those sore muscles and joints, CBD-infused bath bombs will make your next trip to the bathtub an absolute dream. With cbdMD’s six different scents to choose from, you’ll find something that suits your needs. You can choose from Romance (Frankincense), Resist (Lavender), Relax (Lavender), Rise (Eucalyptus), Rejuvenate (Eucalyptus) and Restore (Therapeutic). Each bath bomb has 100mg USA Grade-A premium CBD per bath bomb with broad spectrum cannabinoid extract. The bath bombs are also made with 100% pure essential oils and aromatics that make sure you’re relaxed just by the scent and ensuring all-natural ingredients. You can order the bath bombs separately or buy the 6-Pack if you’re indecisive. Once the bath bomb dissolves, the CBD will be absorbed by your skin, making all the stress of the day disappear like a bad dream. We’ve tried this and have never felt more relaxed after a bath.

Mingo Rad Vape Oils

cbdMD’s newest line of products, the Mingo Rad Vape Oil,  comes in five different flavors to choose from and you'll definitely find one that’ll tickle your taste buds and give you the CBD boost that you need. Choosing which flavor we liked best was difficult with choices like Melon, Electric Razz, Coco Key, Mocha AF, and Sugar Cane and we just couldn’t decide. All these flavors have a unique taste that gets you coming back for more, in addition to the CBD effects that brought us in a more relaxed state and easing stress and pains.

Mingo Rad Vape Oil has 100% pure CBD from vegan-certified, gluten-free non-GMO hemp. The vape oils contain precise measurements of pure CBD extracts combined with a PG/VG base. The vape oil comes in three different bottles: 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg.

Our Final Thoughts

Products of cbdMD has been highly recommended by most consumers not just because of the technicalities and innovation on their farming process which produce 100% organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan products, but more importantly, for the great quality of their products, fast delivery and attention to customer service. We couldn’t be happier with the consistency of the results of these products and it’s no wonder the brand’s patrons are significantly increasing.

Here's a coupon code that you may want to use when purchasing from cbdMD:

15% Off Entire Order

Visit cbdmd.com for the latest deals and sales.

15% Off Entire Order

Visit cbdmd.com for the latest deals and sales.
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