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Cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychotropic compound found in the cannabis plant. Its benefits have been well documented. CBD is can be used in treating pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety, insomnia, and a number of other ailments. CBD can be taken daily or in other regular increments just like taking other vitamin, herb, or supplement.

CBD can be taken  in the form of concentrated oils and tinctures, smoke high CBD flower, ingest CBD capsules, or apply CBD topicals into your skin. While there are several methods of taking CBD, all of the above require you to add something small into your daily routine. On the other hand, drinking CBD water and drinks is already part of what we need to do everyday. Drinking is just a normal thing anyways, why not infuse it with CBD?

CBD water and shots are effective, savory way to take ample doses of the cannabinoid without dropping tincture into your food, carrying around a vape pen, or remembering to take a gel capsule. More importantly, it’s also easy to tell exactly how much CBD you’re getting, based on the packaging’s dosage.

Here is our recommendations for Best CBD Water and Shots as of May 2019:

Our Top Picks for Best CBD Water and Shots

1 Best Overall, Best Tasting and with the Highest Concentration

4-6 Hours of Relaxation Diamond CBD Shot 20mg (60ml)

This easy-to-drink, tasty shot comes in three different flavors: Berry, Jungle Juice and Grape. With 20 mg of CBD (about 0.2 mg/mL) per bottle, we experienced about five and a half hours of relief. It comes in a convenient 60ml [2 oz] bottle that is best served when shaken and chilled. It is available for $9.99.

2 Best Water

CBD Living Water (16.9 oz.)

CBD Living Water uses nanotechnology to size CBD and other nutrients into tiny particles one millionth of their size and encapsulate them into water clusters. The brand then infuses them in 7.4 pH water. This process permits the Nano Sized CBD and Nano Size Nutrients to immediately enter into your cells. Then, they will past the blood brain barrier and gives the body immediate 100% bioavailability, which gives a nano amplified effect. Price ranges from $7.99 for a single bottle to $149.76, 24 pack.

3 Most Affordable

CBDfx Chill Shot

CBDfx Chill Shot is a lemonade beverage with 20mg of full spectrum, organically grown CBD and 200mg of L-Theanine, which is a powerful amino acid found in green or black tea. It works to improve your body’s natural defense systems. Multiple research studies support the idea that L-Theanine reduces stress, anxiety and lowers the body’s cortisol level. A bottle costs 6.99.

4 Honorable Mention

Diamond CBD Double Shot

This is an on the go drink with 1 mL CBD. It contains Cannabidiol from extremely active CBD and Kosher USP Food Grade Vegetable Oil. Diamond CBD Double Shot is available for $7.99.

5 Honorable Mention (CBD Tea?)

Pommy’s CBD Tea

Pommy’s Tea, oh wait, lets step back, this is what they actually call it: “Pommy’s CBD Tea Hemp Oil Infused Anti inflammatory Pomegranate Tea Chips,” phew* …provide intestinal support to fight the side effects associated with chronic medical issues. One chip is packed with 15 mg of CBD and it is a 100% pure organic pomegranate juice, which is preserved through through unique proprietary absorption and drying process. Each chip is good for two cups of tea and a four-pack costs $19.95.

Brand Price Concentration Remark
CBD Living Water


$7.99 /16.9 oz. single bottle ? -Best Water
CBDfx- Chill Shot $6. 99/ bottle 20 mg -Cheepest
Diamond CBD- 4-6 Hours of Relaxation Shot  $9.99/ 60 mL bottle 20 mg -Best Overall

-Best Tasting

-Highest Concentration

Diamond CBD- Double Shot $7.99/ 15 mL 1 mL per 15 mL bottle


-Honorable Mention
Pure Science Lab- Pommy’s CBD Tea- Hemp Oil-Infused Anti-inflammatory Pomegranate Tea Chips $19.95/ 4-Pack 15 mg per chip -Honorable Mention for Tea


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Our Final Thoughts

Not all CBD water and shots are made the same but add to the expanding ways we can use CBD extract for our bodies. Though none of them should get you high, each one comes with its own set of additional ingredients, flavorings, and added terpenes, or aromatic chemicals. Most of our recommendations from above are all natural and organic, so go ahead and try them!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. PureGreenLiving does not offer medical advice. Any information shared through our site is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, or adverse effects. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product/s.

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  1. Joe says

    I’m still a bit skeptical about CBD water. The shots I can easily try out. I’m actually keen on buying a couple of shots that you listed on here. Come to think of it, I have yet to try ingesting CBD in the form of shots. Maybe CBD shots are akin to a reverse Red Bull, like instead of giving me energy, this one can give me calm and quietness. I can probably get some much needed relaxation with a CBD shot. Gotta stock some to try it out after a stressful day, maybe it could be a regular item in my pantry

  2. Rosalie says

    Can I give my dog a little of the CBD water mixed in with his water? He won’t take anything that has a taste or smell. He has a tumor on his liver.He’s a yorkie and 14 years old.
    Thank you

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