6 Innovative CBD Products To Ease Your Partner into Cannabis

It’s a Saturday night and your friend Rob has just introduced you to George – the new heartthrob in town. You like George instantly and he’s got the hots for you too, but the only problem is the blunt you’re smoking…  or is it? His eyes are on the blunt, but you don’t know what he’s thinking. Does he think you hang out with Snoop Dogg or that you’re just a really cool chick? Is it the slightest of turn offs? A deal breaker?

If you’re someone who wants to introduce your significant other to your green lifestyle, check out these subtle alternative CBD products that can change the way your partner thinks about cannabis. Cannabis is great for the mind, body and spirit, and can relieve your tension and anxiety. Yet, because society hasn’t come all the way around, it can also screw things up for you and you new boo. If they have a negative first experience, it’ll definitely mark your relationship if you are a committed user. Remember the first time you puked after toking a bong and decided never to touch cannabis again? You’re not alone. It happens to more people than you can imagine. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your partner’s first experience with cannabis is pleasurable and smooth – and makes you look good too!


1CBD Chocolate

Kiva - Medical Cannabis Chocolate Bar

The best way to introduce your partner to cannabis would be to start with edibles. As a cannabis consumer, you already know that it takes time to feel the effects when using edibles. So why don't you start with these chocolate bars infused with CBD? These won’t make your partner high but will offer medicinal benefits. Additionally, edibles can be perfect for someone who doesn’t like smoking. And if your partner has a sweet tooth, then it's definitely a win-win, baby!

2 CBD Tea

A great way to top off a nice first date, is a healthy tea containing antioxidants, and that soothing feeling that only comes with it. Present yourself as a healthy person, while taking the edge off first date nerves with CBD teas. Some CBD teas come as chips that dissolve in hot water. You not only reduce the risk of any unpleasant date mishaps, but can help relieve any anxiety that may be lingering at the end of an exciting date night.

3 CBD Granola Bites

Who doesn’t love some tasty, healthy granola? Your boyfriend or girlfriend is not only going to enjoy CBD granola bites, but they will probably tell their friends about it too! These are non-psychoactive and offer about 15 mg CBD with every bite. Pretty soon, you’re going to have your friends beg you for these tasty bites that are packed with protein and convenient for an active couple on a hike or out about town.

4 CBD Gummy Bears

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like gummy bears. If your partner has a sweet tooth, then make a good impression with these amazing CBD Gummies. Plus points if you make your own gummy bears because it allows you to control the THC or CBD that goes in the recipe.

5 Vaporizers

Smoking is injurious to our health in so many ways and smoking cannabis is not purely a healthy alternative as it also contains carcinogens like tobacco smoke. So vaping can be a great option even for those who haven’t quit smoking already.

With so many products in the market, you’re only spoiled for choices. Start off with vaporizers that allow you to smoke dry herbs or simply go for ones that require oil. No matter what you choose, your date will appreciate your thoughtful gesture since he or she might not have experienced a smooth vape of any kind just yet.

6 CBD Pain Creams

If all else fails and your partner isn’t ready for edibles nor vaporizers, try CBD topical creams. Even athletes all over the US have started to look for CBD oils and creams that would help them with recovery and alleviate pain. And your partner does not need to be an athlete! With our daily grind, either sitting in front of our office desks or the daily commute, these CBD creams may just help give some relaxation after a long tiring work day.

Confidence Level: 10!

There are various ways to introduce your partner to cannabis and CBD, but forcing your opinions and/or lifestyle will never work no matter how much you believe in cannabis or how much you know it will help the other person. Remember that although cannabis is beneficial, many people sadly won’t try it because of their own misconceptions. If your partner wants to try marijuana, make sure that you have access to food and water because you don’t want a hungry boyfriend on your back when he’s got the munchies! As the expert in this situation, use your imagination and if you do it creatively, you’ll have a great smoke partner in no time.

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  1. Rissa says

    My husband got me hooked on CBD thanks to chocolates and gummies. I used to avoid anything related to marijuana. He used to smoke pot a lot when we were in college, but he has since avoided it but swears by CBD oils and tinctures. After my c-section, I’ve developed a chronic pain on my coccyx which sometimes leaves me out of breath. He has a CBD-infused cream that has helped alleviate the pain. He then bought me CBD chocolate and gummies, as a novelty at first, but I loved how tasty they were and helped me relax! So now, we gush over new CBD products together.

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