9 CBD Products You’ve Never Heard Of! (Alternative) Ways To Medicate

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Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has been taking the modern health industry by storm, offering an alternative method to treating many ailments that flies in the face of tired old, typical, pharmaceutical tactics. CBD is the major non psychoactive component of Cannabis sativa and according to a 2013 study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology*, CBD benefits have proven beneficial for many patients, acting in some experimental models as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antioxidant, antiemetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent. These findings put it in the running to become a go to therapy for many conditions and symptoms. Neuroinflammation, epilepsy, oxidative injury, vomiting and nausea, anxiety and schizophrenia are among the list, according to this study.

Finding ever inventive ways to get this chemical compound into the body is a next step to getting healthy the green way. Today we will be going over the top five most inventive, and out of the box methods for consuming CBD, and just which ones could get you on your way to healthier, more effective treatment methods!

1CBD Water

Now this one was surprising! CBD Living water seems to be one of the newest additions to the modified water craze. Typically, when one thinks of water that has been modified, one things of electrolytes, or other vitamins and minerals. Mineral water is pretty common, but CBD water? It is definitely not something that most people would think of, but wow what a great idea for easy daily dosing of CBDs! From CBD Living , comes “CBD Living Water”. “Using Quantum physics CBD Living Water takes CBD and other essential nutrients and puts them through a process using Nano Technology which, Nano sizes them into tiny particles, one-millionth of their size.

“We then encapsulate them in a water cluster and, infuse them in perfect 7.4 PH Water and CBD Living water is created!” is how the website explains it, and the testimonials for this product are great, mainly praising the anti-anxiety and calming effects. The water has a pure, and clean taste; and a powerfully strong effect, that is not intoxicating or head due to the fact that there is no THC in this product. This definitely seems to be a convenient, and easy way to consume CBD – to absorb the many positive benefits that are available to you.

2CBD Gummies

Next up on our list, is CBD “Gummies,” which are yes, just as yummy as they sound! They are similar to regular snack gummies or vitamin infused gummies, and in fact, carry compounds found in standard vitamins, so as to provide those benefits as well, such as B12. PureScienceLab carries some yummy CBD gummies and so does great brand of these sweets comes again from CBD Living Water . We’re seeing from the testimonials at Diamond CBD that people just adore these candies – which come in all the flavors we’ve come to love! Despite the craveability of these tasty gummies, the do carry serious benefits and the companies again stay transparent and have your health in mind – the exact details and ingredients and dosages are always listed. Many studies have shown the benefits of such regimens, especially when coupled with more traditional vitamins. A supplement combination containing CBD gummies can be a potent, and very effective one.

3 CBD Roll-On Applicators


For so many reasons, we are a nation of tired, and tense muscles. Currently available on the market, are CBD roll-on applicators . The medication is applied in a concise, and equal way as the ball rolls on the skin applying the liquid. It is not unlike Icy Hot. Typically, these will range between $20-$50 for around the same amount, and same percentage of CBD. Placing CBD straight into the skin in this fashion, can provide fast topical relief to muscles, and tired joints without actually ingesting anything.

4 Chocolate

Few things in the cannabis world are more iconic than the “Pot Brownie” but while those fabled brownies contain high amounts of THC, these brownies only contain high amounts of CBD. These chocolate items look gourmet but are actually extremely potent. CBD Living Water’s chocolate is “ 99.5% pure CBD and is derived from the Hemp plant.” Edibles, especially chocolate, can be a delicious, and effective way to get CBD delivered into your system. Be warned, some can taste pretty bad! Try these tried and true brands out for yourself.

5 Tea

Tea Time! Yes, you read that one correctly! Even teas can be infused with CBD and cannabis these days which provides a great option for many individuals searching for a new method of consuming CBD. Teas more specifically are targeted to pain and inflammation than other ailments. This unconventional option can provide immense relief for users, with an enjoyable taste and experience to follow. Pommy’s CBD Tea-Hemp Oil Tea Chips from Pure Science Lab, infused with the CBD itself is made with one-hundred percent pure organic pomegranate juice, CBD oil extract, and honey.

6 Pet Products

Hot spots are one of the most commonly occurring ailments for pets. But did you know the spots could be exacerbated by a concept called lickinoma? A dog will lick a spot out of boredom and this licking releases endorphins, the pleasure hormones. Sooner then later a dog will lick the spot into an open sore and then right down to the bone if not stopped or treated. King Kalm Soothe acts to reduce inflammation at the dermal level, with CBD as it’s active ingredient. The spray also helps to curb the dog’s urge to scratch and lick and contains other ingredients that can help reduce chance of infection. Customer reviews are high for this one. Keeping this product handy is a no brainer as early intervention could easily prevent a costly vet bill.

Pets exposed to rugged elements during hikes and even snowy conditions can help provide a protective layer for their skin with this pet skin balm from King Kanine . Meant for most types of skin ailments, such as dermal inflammations, wounds, rashes, and other irritations, the balm can also serve as a protectant. Like all their products it is safe if ingested and is 100% organic.

7 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is quickly becoming a pantry staple and even a skincare and healthcare go to. As a heart-healthy replacement to oil and butter, some consume it straight from the jar for it’s health benefits and rich fats. The oil is making its way into many skin and hair products as a natural, moisturizing emollient for all things in the beauty aisle. Now, Ojai Energetics and Hemp my Pet have put two great things together and created coconut oil infused with CBD, meaning that anything you would use Coconut Oil for, you can now do with the added benefits of CBD being added into the mix.

8 Salve

Salves have been used for millennia to provide relief not only to topical issues but deeper lying ailments. Skin is very good at absorbing chemicals directly into the bloodstream. A CBD salve would work of course in the same manner, providing CBD’s benefits right away. A great option we’ve found is from PhytoPLus CBD – with a fair price, this is a strong product for anyone looking for a top topical.

9 CBD Shots

Another method of more immediate relief is a shot! Whether it’s for an afternoon pick me up or a general de-stressing session, these flavored chill shots from CBDFX could quickly replace those sugar and chemical laden bottles we find at the checkout stand. Diamond CBD shots are also a new product that can be effectively used to gain four to six hours of CBD caused relaxation.


Conclusions :

As you ought to know by now, it is important to consult with your chosen health care provider before deciding to make any changes to your health care plan, or what you are doing. If CBD is something you are already on, or interested in using, then these out of the box products might be just for you. Not every CBD product is the same, and it is always important to understand, and research what you are getting, but rest assured that with the items listed above, you can't go wrong. For further research you can also see our How to Buy CBD Oil: An Ultimate Guide.

Resources: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22625422

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. PureGreenLiving does not offer medical advice. Any information shared through our site is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, or adverse effects. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product/s.

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