CBD Oil for Cats

Cats can be solitary creatures at times, but humans have helped domesticate them, forming a unique relationship and accepting them into our families. However, it is important to know that cats are susceptible to a few health issues including urinary tract infections (UTI), bladder infections, and respiratory tract infections, especially if they have been exposed a lot to other cats (i.e. the shelter).

Keeping a cat healthy is sometimes extremely difficult because they are notoriously secretive about their health problems. In the animal world, showing weakness is not a good thing to do. Using hemp oil for cats or CBD oil for cats can be a great idea to keep their immune systems in check.

CBD oil works at a cellular level within the body to ensure that balance and wellness are present in each cell, whether it be your body or the body of your beloved pet. Using CBD oil for pets is easy as well. With many available pet products that creatively infuse CBD oil in them, you won’t have to fight with your cat to get the oil in them. Some of these pet products include CBD treats while some products have been created with unique CBD oil flavors that make them irresistible to your cat.

Chronic Issues

When you have a cat that suffers from severe anxiety, or if you want to bring a cat into your home where other cats exist already, there can be high nerves and anxiety. This can lead to spraying behaviors as a coping strategy or a form of territorial marking. Fighting amongst each other is also a common behavioral complaint. While making sure there are plenty of hiding spaces for privacy, toys for everyone, and enough litter boxes that no one needs to share, we learned that CBD oil can help alleviate the feelings of anxiety. By calming your cat’s nerves, this may help tame spraying and other behavior problems.

Cancer is an illness that seems to spare no one. Cats are also susceptible to this horrible disease. Many treatments exist where previously there were none. More and more pets are saved from cancer each year, thanks to the research that is done consistently. Science is working hard to solve cancer. Each day, science is closer to understanding the causes and a cure. While there are no direct researches on CBD and cancer cure, CBD may help in managing pain and stress due to this illness.

Keeping a healthy immune system is key. CBD oils are full of antioxidants that boost the immune system naturally, helping to remove free radicals that are a by-product of cellular oxidation. This oxidation process is normal as a part of the aging of the cells. When free radicals are formed in this process, they are suspected of being the primary cause of cancer.

Anti-oxidants help remove them from your system before harm can be done. You can get antioxidants from foods in a natural diet, but cats often don’t eat enough of these foods.

Cat foods manufactured for your pets may also not contain enough naturally occurring antioxidants to be of benefit. Supplementing your cat, with CBD oil or hemp oil for cats is a great way to avoid any other illnesses.

The Indoor/Outdoor Cat

Cats like to roam. Anyone ever owning a cat knows that it is difficult to keep them happy indoors and some people believe that having a cat that can go outdoors is a good thing. It does put them more at risk, however. Cats that go outdoors are far more likely to be exposed to diseases like FeLV, but they also fight with other cats.

This leads to bite wounds and scratches that can get infected horribly. Frankly, there’s not much worse infection to get than the infection from a cat bite.

Hemp oil for cats can also be applied topically to wounds to help them heal and boost immunity at the source. Also, CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can fight infection, swelling, and the fear of sepsis.


Considering CBD or hemp oil for your cat can be daunting, especially if you have not done it in the past. Be sure to read reviews and talk to other cat owners who have tried it. As with humans, cats may react differently to the same product so always take caution and consult your vet.

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