How Does CBD Help with Anti-Aging & Skin Health?

Who doesn’t want youthful and just plain great-looking skin? The journey to achieve this though, is everlasting, expensive and man do results vary! If you’re tired of spending too much on cosmetics, skin care products, or suffer from a skin ailment – CBD skin products could be for you! Many users claim that cannabidiol (CBD) has numerous wonders for our body and research supports their claims that CBD can improve skin appearance and have priceless anti-aging effects.

Our Most Common Skin Conditions

Other studies include those that show CBD successfully treating skin ailments like psoriasis and acne in some patients. A patent by the U.S. National Institutes of Health shows CBD to possess true antioxidant and beneficial neuroprotective properties. However, we can only shake our heads because as of late, CBD is not yet FDA approved for the treatment of any condition.

AXIM® Biotechnologies, Inc. is currently conducting a human clinical trial to solidify the effects of cannabinoid-based topicals on the skin conditions in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. Psoriasis, an autoimmune condition that causes skin cells to quickly pile up on the skin’s surface, creates raised red plaques and white scales. Eczema is now a fairly common condition in the industrialized world because of the introduction of chemical and unnatural contaminants into our everyday lives. The condition describes general inflammation which causes the skin to become itchy, red, broken and dry. Both conditions occur in persons of every age and have been treated with steroids mostly, which may still not work well enough. The body has a terrible tendency to become immune to steroids. Other side effects abound and thus, effective, natural treatments are always appearing on the shelves for these conditions. CBD is the perfect candidate here as it supports homeostasis for the body’s cells, returning it to a calm state – the best condition for the skin to begin healing itself.

The Need to Stay (or Just Look) Young

A clinical trial tested the effects of a cannabidiol (CBD) facial serum and found a 100 percent overall noticeable improvement in skin appearance after just two weeks of treatment. Within just a week of using the facial serum, a whopping 85.71 percent of the women participants reported that they were already experiencing significant improvements on their skin. A week later, all of the women reported a reduction in their fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

Our skin ages mainly for two reasons. One is that collagen diminishes yearly, it’s the substance in our skin that gives firmness. The second, is because of environmental or extrinsic factors, which include sun damage, exposure to pollutants, smoke, and additional lifestyle and exposure factors. Cannabis can help maintain skin’s youth with its antioxidant properties and also act as an inducer of oil production. CBDs especially interact with endocannabinoids, which play a major role in oil production, helping to regulate the excretion of oil in sebaceous glands.

General Skin Health

Compounds like THC and CBD potentially protect skin cells and their DNA from damage. In fact, studies have revealed that Vitamin C and D are no match for CBD power as an antioxidant. Because our body’s immune systems do not attack the free radicals, these antioxidants act as a sort of extra protection against non-living harms that change the way our cells function.

There has yet been any published study on cannabis as a long-term cannabis treatment for aging skin, but the current knowledge points to a lot of positive potential. Right now, without the federal government support, we could only scratch the surface of finding cannabis’ full potential regarding skin issues. Hopefully, studies emerge to back this up. Safety profiles are amazingly positive for cannabis, so it wouldn’t help to try at home for yourself today.



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