CBD and the Paleo Diet

A paleo diet reverts back to caveman times where dieters ponder – what did cavemen eat? In this lifestyle, the diet consists of food sourced by the most natural means possible or living off of the land. Hunting for natural foods like meat, fish, nuts, vegetables, and fruits is what the paleo diet is based on. This guide will help you understand if CBD assists your paleo lifestyle.

The Endocannabinoid System

Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system. The body naturally produces cannabinoids but cannabinoid deficiencies are real as the body can’t always produce enough itself. There are cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2 receptors) throughout the body, including in the brain. These receptors help regulate many of the functions that occur in the body, including when you feel hungry, when you feel tired, your mood and memory function.

CBD helps maintain that balance in the body. CBD provides a valuable cannabinoid called Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is available from both hemp and cannabis but is concentrated heavier in hemp. In cannabis, CBD concentration completely depends on the strain as some contain more CBD than others. Some hybrid crossbreeds of cannabis plants are able to create higher concentrations of CBD, like what you’d see in a strain like ACDC where reaching over 20-percent CBD is common.

The Paleo Lifestyle

Living a Paleo lifestyle may be necessary if you have certain autoimmune diseases. This means you have to balance diet and exercise properly to achieve a proper balance in your body. It can be hard to maintain the motivation to keep up this lifestyle – you may find that you’re just running out of energy.

Of course, sourcing the most natural foods possible is a good way to promote energy creation in the body, but intense workouts can deplete what energy you have built up. Here’s where CBD may come in handy. After a workout, you may feel entirely exhausted and not even have the energy to get back home. CBD may help your body recover a little faster after an intense workout – especially if it contains plant-based terpenes, like beta-caryophyllene that can be sourced from herbs like rosemary,  that promote energy manufacturing.

Not just any old CBD product will work though – full-spectrum derived from hemp is always better. When CBD is extracted from cannabis, all of the other cannabinoids are left behind. This can also leave some terpenes behind. Terpenes are beneficial to the body and you’re likely consuming terpenes in your everyday life without even knowing it. Terpenes are present in thousands of trees, plants, herbs, and spices.

In order for CBD to work with your paleo lifestyle instead of against it, you need to create synergy. Synergy is a combination of two or more compounds that complement each other to reach the same goal. A full spectrum CBD product that also includes terpenes may be more beneficial as you are more likely to have that synergistic effect in your body. Other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, such as THC-A, CBD-A, THC-V, and CBD-V, may also be a helpful addition. Finding full spectrum CBD products that include non-psychoactive cannabinoids may be difficult as not many CBD manufacturers make these combinations.

One of the benefits of CBD for the paleo diet and lifestyle is that it comes from hemp – a nutritious plant. Using hemp seeds in combination with full spectrum CBD oil may be of greater benefit since the seeds contain fiber, healthy fatty acids and other nutrients your body needs. This also helps the body be more accepting of the oil. CBD also works well with naturally sourced foods. You can easily create a salad dressing, marinade or sauce that incorporates CBD oil. The flavor of your food may change a bit, but it really just gives the food you’re making a more organic taste.

You can take CBD oil and combine it with another accepted oil, such as coconut, olive or grapeseed oil to create granola or spiced nuts. There are dozens of applications in which natural, full spectrum hemp CBD oil can safely be incorporated into your paleo diet.

Potential Digestive Disruptions

It may take your body a bit of time to get used to the new diet and lifestyle. This may cause some digestive disruptions, such as stomach upset, painful digestion and even a bit of digestive irritability. CBD may help reduce inflammation or irritations caused by the new diet. Hemp seeds, as mentioned above, are a good source of fiber. So, using more than one portion of the hemp plant may help prevent paleo-associated constipation from the two elements working together.

Any time that you abruptly change your diet, you may experience a bit of digestive upset. It can be painful at times. CBD may help relax your digestive tract so that natural food is easier to digest. If you do have digestive issues due to the abrupt shift in diet, a CBD capsule that uses dry CBD oil may be more beneficial as it is easier to digest and may be gentler on your stomach. Combining CBD oil with another paleo-friendly oil may also help your body digest it a little easier. CBD isn’t something that will turn your stomach upside down, it may also help settle down some nausea, but it is rich.

Best Times to Use CBD

If digestion is an issue or you just have a sensitive stomach, it’s best to use CBD after a meal. The CBD will join your food in the digestion process. If you take CBD tinctures or oils on an empty stomach, you may experience increased belching. Some people can take CBD on an empty stomach and are fine, others require a little food in their stomachs first.

One of the benefits of adding CBD to your paleo lifestyle is that you can use it safely multiple times a day. This means that you can have it after breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as after an intense workout to help replenish your body. Consider adding CBD oil to an electrolyte-type beverage after a workout. It may help your body replenish itself faster.

Closing Thoughts

Maintaining a paleo lifestyle can be stressful as it requires a lot of work. There may be times that you want to cheat on your diet but may regret it later. CBD may help reduce some of your cravings and may stop cravings for alcohol and tobacco. It may also help you make healthier food choices if you are working on switching to a strict paleo diet. Consider adding a full spectrum hemp CBD product into your lifestyle as it may benefit your body with easier digestion, more relaxation, better energy production and fighting off unhealthy cravings.

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