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CBD Oil (also referred to as Cannabidiol Oil) a form of HEMP oil.

Bliss Herbal CBD Review

Brand Review: Bliss Herbal CBD Products Reviewed: CBD Sleep Formulas (CBD Tincture and Capsules), CBD Oil Drop / CBD Tincture in Mint Cookie, CBD Gummies Visit: Bliss Herbal is a brand that has only recently appeared…

Urbul CBD Review

Brand Review: Urbul CBD Products Reviewed: CBD Tincture in Peppermint, Vape Starter Kit in Blackcurrant, Vegan Hemp Gummies Visit: The Urbul brand is based in California’s City of Industry and was launched in November…

Sabaidee CBD Coupon Codes

Find discounts, deals, and vouchers for popular Cannabidiol (CBD) products including cbd oils, tinctures, edibles, hemp oil, cannabis oil, cbd vape juice, hemp extracts and more. Click to reveal current promo codes. Offers were validated

Serene CBD Review

Brand Review: Serene CBD Products Reviewed: CBD Oral Tincture in Peppermint, Anti Aging Face Serum, Healing Pain Body Balm, Ultra Healing Lip Balm Visit: The Serene CBD brand was established a couple of years ago in…

Best CBD Capsules

The team at Pure Green Living has been asked to review the best CBD pills, capsules, and gelcaps you can buy online, and so we did! CBD has been popularly taken in oil or tincture form but CBD capsules are gaining more and more traction…

CBD and Diabetes

Diabetes has two types – Type 1 and Type 2. The treatment plans for each are different as in Type 1; the body cannot produce its own insulin. In Type 2 diabetes, producing enough insulin or having insulin resistance is the issue.

Which Cannabis Strains Contain the Most CBD?

Smoking hemp for the CBD isn’t exactly an option. Cannabis, on the other hand, can be bred specifically to have higher levels of CBD for those that want the relief without the high. For medical cannabis patients under age 18, these are

Can CBD Help with Depression?

If you battle depression and are looking for an all-natural option, cannabidiol (CBD) may be helpful. While cannabis has CBD, a majority of the strains are low in CBD content. Hemp has higher concentrations of CBD and very low THC (less

CBD and the Paleo Diet

A paleo diet reverts back to caveman times where dieters ponder – what did cavemen eat? In this lifestyle, the diet consists of food sourced by the most natural means possible or living off of the land. Hunting for natural foods like meat,