Cannabis Reclassified To Schedule III? Finally, Legit Scientific Studies

Is Cannabis About To Be Reclassified? Real Scientific Studies Show Decreased Stress Levels

A man smokes a marijuana joint during a march in favor of the legalization of marijuana in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Saturday, June 8, 2013. (AP Photo/Nelson Antoine)

Marijuana is often stigmatized as an oh so bad for you drug – psychoactive, mood enhancing, couch-locking and good for little else. On the contrary, recent scholarly legitimate studies have just been released stating that cannabis can indeed be healthy for people – inducing relaxation, and lowering dangerous stress levels, which can arguably be cited for some of the top public health problems facing the world today.

The study conducted by scientists at Washington State University found out that daily cannabis users are considerably calmer than non-users when exposed to stress tests. The main objective of the study, which involved cannabis users and non-users, was to examine the effects of stress manipulation. Subjective stress and cortisol level were measured during these tests by analyzing saliva.

“Previous research has shown that small doses of THC or cannabis reduce feelings of stress,” claimed the study author Carrie Cuttler. “We were interested in whether this effect would persist beyond the period of intoxication,” she added.

82 subjects, consisted half of regular pot users and half of the non-users, were asked to do low-stress activities. This included putting their hands in lukewarm water while counting from one to twenty-five. Others were required to do more complicated tasks like putting their hands in ice water while counting backwards from 2,043 in increments of 17. When they made mistakes, they were asked to start from the very beginning.

Before and after each task, cortisol levels were measured. For the regular pot users, cannabis cravings and withdrawal symptoms for pot users were also noted.

Regular pot users showed a “blunted” stress level while showing no relative impact on cravings nor withdrawals.

“I suspect that cannabis is a good short-term solution…” admitted Cuttler. She also stated that the long-term effects of cannabis are still unclear and not fully determined. Instead, people should be taught more natural ways of coping with stress.

“Our study simply paves the way for future investigations,” Cuttler ended.

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