Canna-Pet CBD Reviews (CBD For Dogs?) -Does it Work?

Instead of a Pricey Vet Visit . . .

Cannabis and CBD are no longer just for us humans! Many pet owners are turning to CBD as a viable option to help ease the ailments of their pets. From joint pain and allergies, to the simple effects of getting older; CBD is quickly becoming a go-to option for many pet lovers who want to see their pets thrive, and be happy for as long as possible. There are many dispensaries, and websites from which one can procure such products; and so here we go in depth with Canna-Pet .


Informative, Educational

Immediately upon entering the website, Canna-Pet’s website excels at its greeting. The moment you enter you are greeted with navigation options to take you right where you need to go, sorted by pet type, ailment and more. Along with ease of navigation, this website offers pages on every major breed – complete with easy to understand infographics on dosing and recommended CBD products. A common ailment list for each breed and even general pet information on the breeds are all on one page. Canna-Pet put a lot of care in helping customers find just what they need for their animals! Many are hesitant to give even themselves CBD products, so confidence in dosing CBDs to our pets can only come with good information and education. The positive effects of CBD itself on various animals, and the science behind it, to health information on pets themselves – all are covered here. The creators of this company clearly are very serious about providing accurate, well sourced, and updated information on CBD, and pets. Each product has great product descriptions, and testimonials reflect good customer experiences. The entire website has a generally very modern, and clean layout that definitely invites to customer to buy.


The Company:

Canna-Pet “produces the only legal, veterinarian-recommended, non-prescription CBD products for animals.”

Standing for CAN nabinoid N utrition A dapted for Pet s, Canna-Pet “produces the only legal, veterinarian-recommended, non-prescription CBD products for animals.” A noble venture, Canna-Pet is not in the business of relabeling human grade CBD products for pet consumption. They’ve put in the research and have created a focus on providing, safe, and healthy products for pets guided by veterinarians. While they do not offer free shipping, which is always a bummer, they do ship almost anywhere in the world which surely makes up for this.


With such an informative website, it seems Canna-Pet does not share much about itself. Despite this, there are a few things we can glean from some of their side projects; such as supporting related charities, and veterinarians. In a noble pursuit to help our extra, typically four legged family members, Canna-Pet offers a 50% discount to charitable pet organizations that facilitate the needs of pets in foster and shelter situations.

And Your Wallet?…

While not the cheapest of all options out there in CBD pet product land, it seems that you will be paying a little extra more for the quality for the quality of the CBD in each product. Canna-Pet CBD products are also the only of its kind to be covered by top veterinary insurance plans! While they have a more standard range of products this particularly means that items carry a stronger, higher tiered level of quality. One thing that’s for sure is that keeping these animals out of expensive vet visits might be worth every dime spent at Canna-Pet.



While it would be nice to see a slightly wider selection of products, and perhaps free or discounted shipping, Canna-Pet impresses and is a premier source for CBD pet products. While they do not discuss much about the company itself, the information that they provide on their products, and CBD itself, is hard to come by.

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