Calm by Wellness CBD Review

Brand Review: Calm by Wellness CBD
Products Reviewed: Hemp CBD Sleep Oil Tincture, Hemp CBD Oil Tincture – Strawberry Lemon-aid, Hemp CBD Bacon Dog Treats, Hemp CBD Gummies

About Calm by Wellness

With a mission to help all humans in the world find calm in their everyday lives, Calm by Wellness was founded in 2016. The company is based in Irvine, California and all the CBD they use is organically grown in Loveland, Colorado. The founders are a passionate community of individuals, families, and scientists who are dedicated to using the latest achievements in life science to create natural solutions that help you to optimize your everyday life. With doctors and experts in the field as their advisers that are onboard their team, we already knew right off the bat – Calm by Wellness is a standout.

High-quality standards define all Calm products. The brand is one of the first CBD manufacturers to earn both ISO 9001 and GMP certification. All their products are made from organic farming practices, with non-GMO and organic ingredients, and most are vegan. It is no wonder that Calm has established themselves as a leader in the CBD industry. They also manufacture white label products for over 100 CBD brands.

The Calm brand is truly exceptional among CBD product producers. It is evident that they are passionate about producing excellent CBD products and they are also committed to offering superior customer service. When you make an order, you will receive a personalized message from one of the amazing staff and if you have any questions, you can talk to an actual person from the company for advice.

Here are some of our favorites from the large (and still growing) catalog of Calm products!

Calm by Wellness Products

Hemp CBD Sleep Oil Tincture – Blueberry Lavender

Do you have trouble sleeping? You don't have to rely on synthetic sleep aids with mysterious ingredients to help you sleep. You can sleep better naturally with the Hemp CBD Sleep Oil Tincture from Calm by Wellness. This oil is helpful in maintaining your sleep cycle regardless of those persistent anxious thoughts that can make sleeping difficult. Feel free of fatigue every morning after using this soothing Hemp CBD Sleep Tincture. It is specially formulated with zero melatonin content. The combination of broad-spectrum CBD extract and blueberry lavender terpenes can help you reach a state of deep sleep. Our team tried to include this in our nighttime routine and experienced longer and deeper sleep.

Hemp CBD Oil Tincture – Strawberry Lemon-aid

Stress-related conditions are an epidemic in the world today but we found the perfect companion to brave through it all. Strawberry Lemon-aid CBD tincture is one of the most popular CBD products from the Calm by Wellness catalog and we know why. Each serving of this tincture contains 17mg of CBD extract to help soothe and calm you. The combination of broad-spectrum CBD and organic strawberry-lemon extract make it exquisitely tasteful, as well as relaxing. Our team took turns trying it out for a week and we ended up getting one bottle of our own. We are fans!

Hemp CBD Gummies

In one bottle of Hemp CBD Gummies, you will find a delightful mix of the following flavors: orange, hibiscus, orange, guava, and key lime. There are 30 gummies in each bottle for a full month’s supply if you take only one per day, although you can safely take up to 3 gummies daily. Each gummy contains 10mg of high quality CBD extract. These gummies are easy to consume and convenient to carry with you. Start each day calm and stress-free with these fruity Hemp CBD Gummies from Calm by Wellness. It’s very tasty that we have to stop ourselves from eating more! They also just came out with their Vegan CBD Gummies, too!

Hemp CBD Bacon Dog Treats

Most dogs love the bacon flavor of Calm’s Hemp CBD Dog Treats. Designed specifically for pets, each of the treats has 5 mg of CBD, just enough to help relieve them of the symptoms of anxiety and stress. The formulation and ingredients are all-natural that it is completely safe for your pets. This also comes in Peanut Butter flavor!

Our Verdict

If you are looking for high-quality CBD products that were produced from conception to shelf with your well being in mind – look no further than the products from Calm by Wellness. CBD by itself is an amazing substance that can do awesome things for your body and your mind. When it is combined with the kind of dedication, thoughtfulness, and care that the Calm team has, you can be sure that the results will be wonderful. The PGL team highly recommends Calm by Wellness.

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