5 Things to Look for When Buying CBD E Liquids

Even now, there seems to be a lot of confusion around CBD. No doubt, consumers have an appetite for both products and general information, but there’s still a way to go before the average consumer feels fully confident making buying decisions. CBD E Liquid is a popular product that involves two industries – CBD and Vaping – that many won’t know that well. In this article, we’ll advise the reader how to make more informed decisions when you make your next CBD E Liquid purchase.

Know Your CBD     

While E Liquids will feature many different ingredients, consumer should be first and foremost be concerned with the quality of CBD in your product. CBD is the driver of your E Liquid and will put the value into your recreational experience.

1 Sourcing

The optimist in us would hope that most CBD companies offer well-sourced CBD in their e juices. The realist in us says that probably isn’t the case. Consumers should learn how CBD got in their hand. This due diligence isn’t any different than doing research on food products. Knowing whether or not Hemp has been properly farmed is like asking whether or not your food is organic or not. We recommend that your research CBD companies to identify their sourcing protocol. Most reputable Hemp will have been farmed in Europe or in research facilities within the United States. If you’re having a hard time determining where a company sources its CBD from, move on!

2 Extraction

Another important consideration is the extraction process a company uses for its CBD. A method called “CO2 Extraction” is widely accepted as the best sourcing practice.

In CO2 Extraction, Carbon Dioxide goes through a series of machine-induced temperature changes that affect its consistency. The purpose of the process is to get CO2 in what is known as a “supercritical state,” meaning, it has properties of a gas and a liquid. In this state, the CO2 is then pushed through a circuit (like in the image above) to collect CBD and other important nutrients from the Hemp. While there are other methods of extraction like ethanol extraction, CO2 extraction is a clean process that doesn’t corrupt any of the “good stuff” in Hemp. It also requires more sophisticated equipment, which weeds out the lower quality producers.

Putting the CBD in E Liquid

Because of the large audience CBD now demands, businesses are looking to distinguish themselves by creating new products for consumers. One of these products is CBD E Liquids. The supporting theory is that CBD E liquids will allow for faster absorption into your system and more immediate CBD benefits. E Liquids have their own traditional ingredients, so consumers need to study those in addition to CBD.


Basic to an understanding of E Liquids is Vegetable Glycerine ad Propylene Glycol, or VG and PG. BOth of these ingredients are safe and FDA-approved, and are commonly used in food products. They help to contain the flavors in E Liquids.

Fundamental to an understanding of liquids is VG and PG, or Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. VG and PG are both safe, non-toxic bases that help contain the flavors in your e liquid. They are both considered safe by the FDA and are commonly used in food products.


PG is the more common of the two bases, and is unique from VG in a few ways.

  • A Thinner Consistency – PG is thinner than VG with thinner clouds
  • Greater Throat Hit – it’s heavier to inhale
  • Taste – its flavor i more intense than VG


VG is the other base used in E Liquids. As compared to PG, VF has a:

  • A thicker consistency with a denser vapor
  • A sweeter taste
  • A lighter throat hit

Choosing between VG isn’t as much a dealbreaker as it is a matter of personal preference. After you become a little more experienced at “vaping,” you’ll develop a palette for this ingredient or the other. But you should still know the difference between VG and PG to later identify what particularly you like and dislike.

4 Nicotine

Some E Liquids, like cigarettes, have a nicotine base to them, which explains why smokers turn to e liquids to break their habit. If your E Liquid does contain nicotine, it should be of high purity and naturally extracted from tobacco. Low quality nicotine can be dangerous to your health.

Non-smokers should opt for non-nicotine E Liquids. These kinds of E Liquids will be clear and colorless, while nicotine e liquids will often have a yellowish tint.

WIth non-nicotine E Liquids, you won’t run the risk of the harsh choking or burning feeling that can sometimes come from nicotine-based liquids.

5 Use Your Senses

Among the many reasons people vape is just its pure aesthetic pleasure. We’re talking about the taste, smell, and sensation of vaping. Here are some of the aesthetic concerns you should have when buying a CBD E liquid.


VG and PG are pretty much tasteless – your E Liquid should taste like the flavor it’s intended to. If you notice an off putting taste, there’s something very wrong with your batch of E Liquid.


Much like an E Liquid’s flavoring, the rest of the ingredients within an E Liquid should be odorless. The only ingredient that should give off an aroma are the flavors themselves.

Go Down Easy

Another “aesthetic” of vaping is how easily vapor is filtered through a vaporizer and inhaled. Accounting for denser vapors, you should expect E Liquid to “hit” smoothly. While other factors like temperature will affect how smooth an E Liquid will be, a high quality E Liquid will be much smoother than a low quality one.

Pull the Trigger

With the size of both relative vaping and CBD industries, it pays off to have a working knowledge of both. Consumers should guard themselves with the right information when making buying decisions rather than becoming victims of marketing campaigns. We hope that this article can inform your next CBD E liquid purchase.


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