Bliss Herbal CBD Review

Brand Review: Bliss Herbal CBD
Products Reviewed: CBD Sleep Formulas (CBD Tincture and Capsules), CBD Oil Drop / CBD Tincture in Mint Cookie, CBD Gummies

Bliss Herbal is a brand that has only recently appeared on the CBD market. Having only been launched in 2018, it is now gaining attention due to its affordable pricing and quality products. The brand markets itself as offering high-quality CBD at the most competitive prices, and with a range that encompasses tinctures and capsules to infused gummies, it offers something for everyone. Since this brand also offers customers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, customers can receive a full refund if they are unhappy with their purchase for any reason. This just goes to show the high level of confidence that this company has in the quality of its own products.

The Brand’s History

The Bliss Herbal brand began life in Arizona’s Paradise Valley back in October 2018. Although this is a very recent entrant to the product market, it has an impressive mission to bring potent and rigorously lab-tested CBD products within easy reach and make CBD affordable and accessible to everyone who needs it.

All of the hemp used to make Bliss Herbal’s products comes from USA farms which are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture regulations and are in states with a US Farm Bill-compliant program. The hemp is fully Food Certified and LGMP-Certified for absolute safety.

Is It A Safe Brand?

Perhaps the most important thing to note when evaluating any CBD brand is whether or not it can be proven beyond doubt to be completely safe. The good news for anyone who is keen to try Bliss Herbal is that there are QR codes on every item which can be easily scanned and which link directly to third-party laboratory testing results to put the user’s mind at rest.

Third-party testing is carried out on all products by both the distributors and the Bliss Herbal organization. The laboratory results have been directly linked in each product page on their site and show that there are absolutely no heavy metals, mold or residual solvents in any of the products. The third-party tests also reveal the potency of each product along with clear evidence of its THC content, so customers can have peace of mind in their purchase.

All Bliss Herbal’s products are fully certified to contain no GMO ingredients, and for vegan users, there is also a vegan Daytime Gummies product in the range which is guaranteed to contain absolutely no ingredients derived from animal sources.

Bliss Herbal Products

There are both isolate and full-spectrum products available in the Bliss Herbal CBD range and for this reason, some products do contain a very tiny amount of THC. However, since all of Bliss Herbal’s lines are only made from industrial hemp, customers can be confident that the gummies, capsules, and tinctures in the range will never contain more than 0.3% THC. For those who would prefer a zero THC product, there are lines available which are guaranteed to be 0% THC too.

Sleep Formula Tincture 1000mg

Ideal for anyone who struggles to sleep at night, this CBD sleep tincture is very simple to use and highly effective. Each bottle contains an impressive 1000mg of CBD designed to be released during the night to offer peaceful rest. Made with CO2-extracted CBD, this tincture contains chamomile to relax the body and valerian root which quiets the nervous system. They also included a proprietary blend of terpenes that delivery an “entourage effect” that also helps support sleep and relaxation.

It is simply dropped under the tongue where it absorbs rapidly into the body’s tissues for a speedy effect. We definitely loved the fact that with this tincture, we are able to avoid the morning after grogginess (which occurs after using traditional sleeping tablets) while achieving one of the deepest and most relaxing sleeps we have had.

Sleep Formula Capsules – 600mg

For those needing help to sleep better at night and would rather take capsules rather than a tincture, this all-natural CBD sleep formula capsules is the perfect solution. Made from CO2-extracted CBD, it contains absolutely no THC. Every capsule contains 20mg of CBD and just like the Sleep Formula tincture, these capsules also contain valerian root and chamomile to aid relaxation and promote rest. We found the excellent results of the capsules are the same as the tincture – no grogginess and totally helped support deep sleep. So at this point, it boils down to one's preference of ingestion.

CBD Oil Drops / Tincture – Mint Cookie 500mg

These CBD drops are designed to deliver full-spectrum, high-quality CBD extracts straight into the bloodstream to boost health and vitality. Ideal for both experienced and new CBD users, this mint cookie flavored tincture is easy to use by simply placing a few drops under the tongue and allowing it to stay for about 20-30 seconds to be absorbed for rapid effects. The formula is guaranteed potency and safety while its mint cookie flavor is tasty, making the bitterness of a traditional CBD tincture go unnoticed. Containing under 0.3% CBD, it produces no psychoactive effects. We absolutely loved the unique flavor of this tincture which we have not seen in other tinctures.

CBD Gummies – 300mg

The easiest and tastiest way to consume CBD, these CBD gummies contain absolutely no THC, and contains 10mg of pure CBD extract each gummy. They are discreet and easy to take, making them perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the hassle of using a tincture or having to swallow capsules. While other brands dust their gummy products with isolate powder, Bliss Herbal infuse their gummies with CBD, blending it right into the product for a very consistent dose every time. These gummies taste excellent and with only very little hint of a hemp-like taste. We found them to be really effective too in helping us manage our sore back and sore muscles from working all day on a desk.

Why Choose Bliss Herbal?

Bliss Herbal stands apart from other brands due to its discounted prices on its CBD products without ever compromising on quality. Unlike many of its competitors, this brand also offers a range of high CBD blends and sleep-specific products which are tailored to meet the needs of a more niche audience.

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