A (Better) Way To Smoke Weed – Using Vapes & E-Cigarettes

Lately, smoking weed had undergo a lot of changes. First of – and finally – Marijuana had been legalized in many states in the United States and is treated as a medicinal plant. Many people including us at PureGreenLiving had been waiting for this opportunity for quite a long time now. We believe that Marijuna has many medicinal use and can be beneficial for many people. Secondly, there's now a better, greener and healthier way to smoke weed. This is through electronic cigarettes, and actually, there's no smoke at all. Just vapor which looks likes smoke. Gone are the joints, the bong and the one-hitter camouflaged as a cigarette. Everybody is now vaping and using electronic cigarettes to get their high.

How it works?

Electronic cigarettes has a cartridge that can old your powdered weed. It also has a battery that is activated whenever you puff on it like how you puff on a normal cigarette. The battery then powers up and heat your herbal ingredients until it hits a temperature that turns active ingredients into a light, inhalable vapor. For more information on how you can vape Marijuana, check out our “How do I smoke weed in my E-cig” article. Or if you're looking for a stand alone dry herb vaporizer, peep at some portable convection vaporizers ranked by vaporsmooth.com

Greener Alternative

While you vape using electronic cigarettes, you dont add up to the air pollution because you dont produce smoke. Only water vapor. This is better for our environment.

Healthier Alternative?

The FDA is still not giving electronic cigarettes a go signal as a safe product. However, studies suggest that vaping Marijuana is better for your health than smoking. In fact, many doctors have strongly disallow smoking weed for their patients and just vaporize their medical Marijuana. This is because lighting things on fire throws off toxins and carcinogens and thus what is happening when you smoke weed. With vaping, nothing is burn. Just heated.

Better Alternative

There are many more advantages of vaping weed rather than smoking it. One of the most popular advantage is that you can now use Marijuana without that nasty smell. No need to change clothes or spray a lot of perfume to cover up the smell. Another advantage is that customization options. Electronic cigarettes looks cool. And with different colors and styles to choose from, there will definitely be a perfect E-cig to fit your personally.

It’s time to throw away your rolling papers and any ancient ways to smoke Marijuana. Embrace the vaping world and you'll see the many advantages of smoking weed using electronic cigarettes.

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