Best Dab Pens Reviewed (Updated 2019)

Dab pens (also known as wax vaporizers or vaporizers for concentrates) are great tools for enjoying cannabis concentrates in a discreet, portable way. While not as customizable as their larger counterparts, these devices more than get the job done.

To help us figure out which devices really hit the mark, we’ll rate them based on three categories: performance, design and value.

If you want some good hits on a vape without bad hits to your wallet, let’s take a look at some of the best dab pen vapes of 2018.
6. G Slim
The G Slim from G Pen is designed for use with dry herb, and in that area, it doesn’t disappoint.
Its non-slip stainless steel/nylon coating is as practical as it is sleek, while the ceramic tank adds function to the fashion.
Heat-resistant helps prevent cracking while reducing wear and tear.
The heating time is virtually instantaneous, allowing you to start vaping within seconds.
Finally, the G Slim’s discreet size makes it the perfect on-the-go dry herb vape.
Unfortunately, its small size means the chamber capacity is only 0.2g. You also will find (again, due to its size) that the smoke quality isn’t quite on par with its larger counterparts.

5. Lynx Hypnos Zero
At just $79.99, the Lynx Hypnos Zero packs a large amount of quality in a very small price tag. Its tiny design makes it a prime candidate for those seeking portability.
Further reducing the load is the lack of coils necessary to make the Hypnos Zero work. Rather than using the industry standard of hot wire, you simply place the oils onto a ceramic plate; no metallic taste or burning. A simple Q-tip is all you need to keep the plate clean and ensure an excellent experience with every use.
But what makes this piece particularly impressive is that, despite its small size and even smaller price, the device has four different temperature settings. This allows for an enormous amount of customizability for an even better experience.
There are some gripes, though. First, getting a large haul can be hard, so you may find yourself inhaling more frequently. Overpacking is a problem as well, since it can easily clog the airflow holes. Finally, it’s imperative that you keep the glass mouthpiece clean, or residue inevitably builds up and ruins the flavor.

4. R2 Series Gen 3
The R2 Series Gen 3 retails for $49.99, but its appearance alone makes this low price hard to believe. But that’s just scratching the surface (no pun intended).
Despite its flashy green color, this vape is actually pretty discrete thanks to its pen cap.
Combined with the ceramic atomizer and titanium coils, this device provides an excellent balance between cloud production and flavor.
The translucent window lets you see how much vapor has built up prior to inhaling. The included charging station, two atomizers and dab tool provide everything you could possibly need, especially if this is your first foray into vaping concentrates.
However, the discreetness provided by the pen cap could be offset by its flashy green design. Its coils also have a tendency to clog frequently, so it’s important to clean it regularly.
A third gripe is that the flavor isn’t quite as fleshed out as other devices of its kind.

3. Dr. Dabber Light
If you look up “discreet” in the dictionary, a picture of the Dr. Dabber Light will likely show up. Set at $49.95, this vape pen is about as small as they get.
Roughly the size of a cigarette, this device is perfect for your pocket or handbag, making your wax and oil concentrates available to be enjoyed at a moment’s notice.
But don’t let its size fool you. While you might not get the same vapor quality and performance as its bigger brothers and sisters, the Dr. Dabber Light more than does the job.
The titanium coil strikes a great balance between flavor and hit, not to mention consistent performance.
Unsurprisingly, a major drawback is its capacity. Due to its small size, the concentrate capacity is only 0.1g at a time. Expect to load this one pretty frequently if you like taking long drags.

2. Dr. Dabber Aurora
The Dr. Dabber Aurora is another great device, considering its $99.95 price tag. Its cool design is quite fitting for what it provides.
“Convenience” is the word of the day with this vape. Many vapers are plagued by buildup that can jam the threads, making it difficult to unscrew the atomizer. The Aurora solves this by attaching the atomizer using magnets.
The kit comes with three quartz-lined atomizers. Combined with the ceramic mouthpiece, this vape is unparalleled when it comes to consistent flavor.
If that isn’t enough, the Aurora maintains a low temperature to avoid overheating the device. By keeping the oils cool, it minimizes the impact to flavor for a mellow, balanced experience.
The only downside is for cloud-chasers everywhere. This vape is discreet – which is positive for some – but the low cloud production can be off-putting for others.

1. Puffco Plus

Retailing at $99.99 Puffco Plus is everything you could hope for in a cannabis oil vape. One of its best qualities is consistency. Everyone wants to know what to expect in terms of performance, making this an important thing to consider with any product. With the Puffco Plus, every hit is as good as the last.
Despite being simply designed, the device can function like an average vape, or you could up the ante in “sesh mode”. Choosing modes is easy – just use the Puffco like a standard vape for sesh mode to get large hits. Hold the button down for a smaller – but steady – dose over a longer period.
The Puffco Plus’ mouthpiece is designed in a way that presents splashback, doing an excellent job of containing the Puffco’s ceramic dart.
Adding to the convenience is that you won’t need a cleaning tool. A simple Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol is all you need to keep the vape performing perfectly. The only noticeable downside, however, is that the device does tend to get hot over time – an issue that certainly isn’t unique to these products.


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    I hate hate hate how younger people associate “dabbing” with this stupid dance step. They have no idea that it’s one of the best ways to consume CBD in a very quiet, demure manner. I discovered dabbing a couple of years ago, but I’ve learned a few things from this guide. I plan on buying more vaporizers and accessories this year. I can afford dabbing related tools compared to the ones used by vapers or e-cig enthusiasts. I usually don’t even need to shell out more than $80 for a pen. Plus, I don’t get to freak people out cause they just assume I’m a vaper hehehe.

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