Best CBD Chocolate | Who Won Our Taste Award? (Updated for 2019)

New cannabis users are switching to low-dose products, as they are frequently overwhelmed by the strength of THC edibles. Cannabidiol (CBD) is non-psychoactive, which balances the effects of THC. A dose of CBD can provide anxiety relief that takes the feeling of intense high. Moreover, adding this Cannabinoid on your diet can induce sleep, boost athletic recovery and elevate your mood.

Varying ratios of CBD are available. Usually, the ratio for both THC to CBD is 1:1. However, some people prefer just the CBD alone. Luckily, there’s a lot of options for everyone in the marketplace. CBD chocolates offer a low dose of CBD retaining that chocolate taste that many love. With that, here is a list of the Best CBD chocolates that we have tested.

Our Picks for Best CBD Chocolates

1 Best Overall, Best Value, Highest Concentrate

Good Vibes 60% Dark Chocolate

When testing cbd chocolate we look for both potency and taste. We found the 60% Dark Chocolate offering by Pure Science Lab to exceed out expectations and deliver a great tasting chocolate bar with a nice amount of CBD that you can easily measure by square (each has 5mg). Pure Science takes pride in their usage of only 100% pure cbd spectrum vs cbd isolate like many brands offer. If you're looking for a great edible with almost no taste of hemp this is your go to!


Honorable Mention

Therapeutic- CBD Chocolate (60mg CBD)

This hemp CBD edible comes in three flavors: Caramel Coconut, Peach Hazelnut and Raspberry Cinnamon. Caramel Coconut is an organic milk chocolate, which is made from organic cane sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, and cocoa mass. It has a drizzle of sweet caramel in every bite. Peach Hazelnut is a white, creamy, sweet chocolate with a hint of hazelnut. Lastly, Raspberry Cinnamon has the strongest taste forit is an organic dark chocolate. A bar contains 60 mg of CBD with an approximate 15 mg per segment. For $24.99, you can avail this four-segmented chocolate bar with 25% CBD concentration.

3 Honorable Mention

Pure Science Labs- CBD Gourmet Chocolate Bites (30mg CBD)

Pure Science Lab offers two pieces of CBD Gourmet Chocolate Bites for only $12.95. Each bite contains 15 mg of CBD, that’s about 50% concentration! It is also lab tested and ideal for relieving pain and anxiety. However, due to its high concentration, it might be a little weird tasting at times. Unlike the gummies, you could definitely taste the hint of CBD oil in this product. The good news is it’s not too overpowering. We recommend taking this one bite a day.

4 Honorable Mention

IRIS CBD- Chocolates (90mg CBD)

A pack containing 30 pieces, IRIS CBD contains a total of 90 mg CBD. Each piece contains 3 mg of CBD, sugar-free and mainly made up of milk chocolate (also available in dark). This 125-gram pack costs $27.99.

5 Honorable Mention

CBD Living- Chocolate (120mg CBD)

We can’t get enough of this 26-gram chocolate from CBD Living Water.  This handmade chocolate contains just 15 calories per segment. However, what separate this CBD chocolate from the others is its 99.5% pure CBD concentration that is derived from Hemp plants. In addition, we believe that it has the best value at $28.00 with 120 mg of CBD in each bar.


Here are the products we inspected for the basis for our verdict:

Brand Price CBD Concentration Total CBD Remark
Pure Science Labs- Good Vibes 60% Dark Chocolate $29.95/

(140mg bar)

5 mg/ square

(140 mg/ bar)

140mg Best Overall

Best Value

Highest Concentrate

CBD Living- Chocolate $28.00/

(26g piece)

15 mg/ segment

(120 mg/ bar)


Therapeutic CBD- Artisan Chocolate $24.99/

(63g bar)

15 mg/ segment

(60 mg/ bar)


60mg Best Tasting
Pure Science Labs- CBD Gourmet Chocolate Bites $14.95/

2 pieces

15 mg/ piece

(30 mg/pack)

30mg Honorable Mention
IRIS CBD- Chocolates $27.99/


3 mg/piece

(90 mg/pack)

90mg Honorable Mention
Dixie Botanicals- Kicks (Chocolate Energy Chews) $49.00/


5 mg/piece 150mg
Tasty Hemp Oil- Tasty Cocoas (Hemp Chocolate) $16.00/


10 mg/ piece 40mg
Casa Luna- CBD Chocolate $25.99/

(30g bar)

60 mg/ bar 60mg


Note: some were great options but just didn’t make our list. Ultimately you should check each of these out and decide for yourself.

Our Final Thoughts

Why should you try chocolates for CBD intake? Chocolate is an easy and discreet way to take in CBD oil. Chocolate lovers can now savor the rich, creamy taste of their favorite treat while getting the benefits of CBD. A great thing about these chocolates is their character of being natural and organic. When you decide to try these, look for a consistent product that is always on-point and honest, with natural ingredients and beautiful craftsmanship.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products do not intend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. PureGreenLiving does not offer medical advice. Any information shared through our site is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and not intended to cover all possible uses, directions, precautions, or adverse effects. Please consult your doctor or healthcare professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product/s.

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  1. Jade says

    I’ve been skeptical about eating CBD infused chocolate bars. I’m scared that it might taste too earthy or too green tea-ish for my palate. Though i do enjoy CBD gummies as they taste great and fruity. After reading your guide i might try and buy a couple of candy bars. Could be a great thing to have when i get another painful period next month. Heard that these bars can calm the nerves and help lessen any chronic pain. Based on your reviews these bars seem like they taste good, maybe even better than regular chocolate bars in stores since they have a little added something hehe

  2. Anne says

    I’m just learning more about CBD. As an award-winning chocolatier, I have many requests for CBD truffles. Thanks for the information. I learn more from every site. Hopefully, I’ll develop some recipes soon.

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