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The use of chewing gum as a route of administration of treatment has been overshadowed by its more familiar uses such as freshening breath and whitening teeth. However, chewing gum increases alertness, induces absorption of active ingredients into the bloodstream. Studies also point to potential capabilities of CBD gums in alleviating Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and Irritable bowel syndrome. Now, more and more people are considering this fast delivery method in acquiring CBD.

How CBD Chewing Gum Works

An advantage of chewing gum is that it can release of CBD that would get absorbed via the sublingual pathway. This mainly depends on the composition of the chewing gum, and whether the CBD is multi-layered. Layers can prolong a more sustained release. Thus, the release of CBD is governed by mastication. Then, it will cause more layers to break down with time. As the layers break down, more CBD is freed up into the saliva.

The bioavailability of CBD chewing gum is naturally controlled by the user. It will present the same bioavailability seen with oral administration if the users swallow their saliva. However, if the user keeps saliva in their mouth, it will go via the sublingual route, which is much higher than oral. When chewing, try to keep the saliva in your mouth as long as possible in order to get the most CBD absorption.

With that, we have chosen the top 3 best CBD chewing gums so far for 2019. And, one gum stood out from the others.

Our Top Picks for the Best CBD Chewing Gum

1 Best Overall, Most Affordable, Highest Concentration and Best Tasting

Endoca: Hemp Oil CBD Gum 10-Pack

With 15 mg of CBD per piece, this gum was made from natural chicle gum from the Mexican rain forest. This is sugar-free, lab tested, 100% GMP certified gum that is sweetened xylitol. We enjoyed the organic taste that came from essential oils. The texture is unique compared to other gums, may be because there is no artificial flavors and synthetics to make it bouncy. Best of all, the price is cheap at $15.00.

2 Honorable Mention


Available for $19.99, this CBD-infused gum comes in tablet form. That is why it provides a better delivery mechanism for active ingredients and supplements than conventionally manufactured chewing gum. It is convenient, discreet, fast-acting and has 10 mg of CBD per piece.

3 Honorable Mention CanChew CBD Gum

CanChew Gum (32 pack)

This gum is made from 50 mg of non-GMO hemp oil per piece and packs 10 mg of CBD in each serving. All natural and sugar-free, CanChew Gums each steam-distilled piece of gum in this 32-piece pack preserves the integrity of the CBD oil extracted from selected hemp crop. This is available for $45.00.

Here is a comparison table that we did for all the gums that we reviewed:

Brand Price Concentration Remark
CanChew- CBD Gum  $45.00/ 30 pieces 10 mg per piece Honorable Mention
MedCBDX- CBD Gum  $19.99/ 8 pieces 10 mg per piece Honorable Mention
Endoca- Hemp Oil CBD Gum $15.00/ 10 pieces 15 mg per piece
  • Best Overall
  • Highest Concentration
  • Cheapest
  • Best Tasting


Our Final Thoughts

CBD chewing gum can provide rapid effects of CBD, with fast absorption. A study about the act of chewing gum improved both alertness and mood points to further mechanisms in which CBD chewing gum may be beneficial in other ways such as alleviating Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). One theory even claims that chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain! This would in turn give CBD a more pronounced cognitive effect when delivered via the chewing gum.

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  1. Connie says

    Since these are targeted toward Fibromyalgia sufferers, you’d think they would manufacture it without fake “sugars”. Fake “sugars” actually CAUSE flare ups of fibromyalgia

  2. Marcia Carlson says

    Some of us dealing with chronic pain and using CBD for the pain also take other medications that dry out the mouth. Xylitol is the chemical of choice for enhancing what saliva you do have and for keeping the mouth moist. A moist mouth limits the speed at which dental caries develop. One reason I use CBD gum is for the xylitol.

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