Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs (Our TOP Picks!)

Earn up to 40% Commissions!

Want to make some income out of one of the fastest growing industries? If you’re reading this, chances are that is precisely what you are looking for. Not only is the cannabis industry growing leaps and bounds on a year-by-year basis, but also online business related to it is also equally booming. Most customers are hitting the ‘add to cart’ button as opposed to driving from dispensary to dispensary. Finding the best affiliate programs is easy – finding top quality products in any niche that converts into sales is another.

I have spent 6 years as a full-time online affiliate and in my experience finding the best affiliate program in your niche is like sifting for gold. But after the sifting, you could be on your way to finding some real gems.

Whether you have a blog, and e-commerce website, run a YouTube channel, a podcast, Instagram, Facebook page or any other form of media, a good affiliate program can do wonders as a monetization model. All you need to do is to sign-up, get your affiliate link and promote it. With every sale, you earn a commission, and many customers will loyally return back for more consumables, accessories and even services.

Here we are going to review the Top CBD affiliate programs of today that I have personally used and grown to LOVE.


Calm By Wellness Affiliate Program

Calm By Wellness is a new company we love. They have scientific and medical professional backed CBD.

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Calm By Wellness Affiliate Program Features:

  • 30% Commissions – Calm by Welness is one of the fastest growing companies with weekly payments if you're strapped for cash, at 30% commission on all retail sales. Why not?
  • Weekly Payments – Payments made every week to affiliate partners.

CBD Pure Affiliate Program

CBD Pure has over a decade of experience marketing natural consumer products. With some of the highest commissions in the industry and a dedicated team of marketers, they are constantly testing new designs and messaging angles to ensure sales continue to thrive.

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CBDPure Affiliate Program Features:

  • 40% Commissions – CBDPure has the highest payouts in the industry, at 40% commission on all retail sales. Need I say more?
  • 5% Tier Commissions
  • Paid Monthly – Payments made every month to affiliate partners.

Vape Bright Affiliate Program

Vape Bright specializes in pure CBD oil vape cartridges that do not contain Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Vape Bright affiliate program is currently considered to be one of the best offers around. Not only is their product offering simple and not confusing to the customer, but their commission scheme is also very attractive.

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Affiliate Program Features

  • 25% commissions
  • Tier Commissions
  • Lifetime Customer
  • Paid monthly

This means every time a visitor buys a product you get 25%. Not only that, you get lifetime commissions on the customers you refer. If the potential buyer does not buy right away (maybe he is still shopping around) but he/she returns at any time to complete their purchase, the commission still lands in your account. edit, no longer awarding lifetime referral commission, 🙁

Extra Benefits:

  • Deep Linking
  • Lifetime commissions
  • Direct Website & Coupon tracking

Each customer you refer will remain your customer for LIFE. Link inner pages, product pages or any page on their site. Direct Website tracking- this means any sales referred from your (approved) website will be credited with no affiliate links needed. Share a discount with your audience and when they use your coupon code you will be credited for the sale! Great for offline, video or audio offers.


Joy Organics Affiliate Program

Joy Organics is a US-based and family-owned and operated CBD company. The founder, Joy, had turned to CBD for her personal health concerns, along with her family's. This brand's mission remains pure and honest in helping people and therefore have great quality products all at a price that people can afford.

The Joy Organics affiliate program has an aggressive bonus structure and offers exceptional earning potential for its affiliates.

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Joy Organics Affiliate Program Features:

  • 25% Commission
  • Paid monthly
  • Retargeting
  • Tier Commissions

Extra Benefits:

  • Deep Linking
  • 60-Day Cookie Tracking
  • Discounts for followers

Earnings are 25% Commission on every sale.
 Simply create your account and place your referral code into your website. You can also ask Joy Organics to create a special discount coupon for your followers/readers so they can get a discount and be enticed to purchase as well.


Love CBD Affiliate Program

Love CBD is a UK based company. Due to a recent MHRA rule, no one is permitted to make medical claims. Other than that, their affiliate program is great! It can even snowball handsomely if you recruit other affiliates.

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LoveCBD Affiliate Program Features:

  • 15% Commission
  • 2.5% Tier Commissions
  • European CBD merchant
  • Paid monthly

Extra Benefits:

  • Deep Linking
  • Cookie Tracking
  • Tier Commissions

Earnings are 15% Commission on every sale, plus 2.5% for affiliates you refer to our program.
 Simply create your account, place your linking code into your website and watch your account balance grow as your visitors become customers. But in actuality you already knew this, otherwise you probably wouldn't be interested in this topic.


More CBD Affiliate Programs:

Apply Here25% Per Sale Hemp Bombs – Great communication with affiliates – Strong conversion rates. *HOT*

Apply Here20% Per Sale Receptra CBD – Plus 10% Tier – Great conversion rates.

Apply Here20% Per Sale CBD Bio Care – Offers an affiliates only FB group offers help for beginners.

Apply Here20% Per Sale ILGM – Maybe not so much CBD but chances are you're in the industry.

Apply Here20% Per Sale Ingredient4Health – …Not all coconuts are golden, maybe you'll have more luck.

Wondering how most CBD affiliate programs work?

Chances are you're not if you've landed on this page. But for those who still are clueless, here's how it works.

  1. Visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site or in an email.
  2. The visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
  3. The visitor browses our site, and may decide to order.
  4. If the visitor orders (the order does not need to be placed during the same browser session – cookies and IPs are stored up to a configurable amount of time), the order will be registered as a sale for you, and you will receive commission for this sale.

Do you sell CBD and want to list your site on here? Contact us directly for details.

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  1. Ava says

    Thank you for this list! Exactly what I was looking for! ?

  2. steven thomas says

    Well written, and great info! Thanks, I’ll be looking at those links for sure.

  3. Josie says

    wow i don’t know where to choose specially the first one 40% comm and the second one wish is 25%

  4. Catherine Chapline says

    I’m researching cbd affiliate programs and just wondering why a couple I liked were not chosen if you have that info. One is Hempworz.

    1. Jeremy Freeman says

      Thanks for the comment, Good point… we will be updating this list soon!

    2. Dave says

      As an affiliate, Hempworx requires you to personally purchase ON A MONTHLY basis, an amount that is equal to the commission rate you are working for….for example, to earn a 30% commission, you must PERSONALLY also purchase $200 a month in product, and must also have signed up at least 2 more affiliates under you EVERY MONTH….with weekly deadlines…if you do NOT meet this goal, they strip you of your current status and you immediately go back to “Builder” status at 10%

    3. Josie says

      catherine Hempworx pays high comm bu is not free to join you have to buy there products.

  5. Doreen says

    Stay away from Try the CBD. We caught them ripping us off and refused to do anything about. Beware.

  6. Jackson says

    I got an email from AVIDA CBD saying their starting a new affiliate program with some high payouts for affiliates that signup before they launch.

  7. Brian Caruso says

    You forgot about Zion Medicinals! 30% commission on high dollar value hemp oil ($200 AOV), 60 day cookie and coupon tracking.

  8. Cody says

    Is this site USA ? Cause selling USA products to Canadians . But know one likes the $ difference . I need Canadian site affiliation site

    1. Paul says

      Did you ever find anything? Interested as well…

  9. Paul P says

    I’ve signed up to the Elixir CBD affiliate program. They’re based in the UK and they offer between 5% and 20% depending on your following and pay weekly.

  10. John says

    Is CBD Pure lifetime revenue share? It does not appear so on the site.

    1. Jeremy Freeman says

      Nope, they dont’ offer lifetime revenue share

  11. John says

    Also, what about this one: naturalhempoil (dot) com

  12. Dana Boyd says

    I am currently a sales rep for CBD BioCare, and I am very impressed with the products… and have not had 1 return from a customer! They are using medical hemp and not industrial, and offer commission rates all the way up to 40%! You earn 10% on sub affiliates orders, and you can also secure wholesale accounts and make 10% commission off of those as well! Good support from corporate with a LIVE training/update every Monday morning on their FB page! They are very transparent, and truly value our input as sales reps! You should take a closer look at CBD BioCare… you will not be sorry!! Our slogan is “changing lives, one bottle at a time”… and I really believe that to be true!

  13. John says

    I’m checking out the ones listed here, and so far the first two have no mention at all about lifetime commissions.

    1. Jeremy Freeman says

      Thanks John for the update. Looks like they stopped this. On that note, a lot of these companies will offer high commissions first, but later will change it with or without notice, but most will actually raise your commissions to boost sales if you’ve proven yourself – unbiasedly, that’s how any affiliate industry is. It’s best to just be aware and don’t depend on one source entirely, make sure you’re running multiple streams of quality traffic to partners.

      1. Josie says

        Jeremy mine is legit they do pay us 40% com and we been around long time

  14. muhhkayy says

    this is highly untrue. Yes you do purchase on a monthly basis but the products WORK! and if you are believer in CBD then wouldn’t you be using it anyway? Also, to earn 30% commissions you only need to purchase 1 bottle, which is $69 + shipping. purchasing $200 worth of product every single month is NOT required to remain commission qualified. The training they offer and the support you receive is also insane. Please don’t spread lies.

    1. Jeremy Freeman says

      Hi Muhhkayy, thanks for your post.

      As to not confuse anyone, I believe this comment is in response to “Dave Says” about 9 comments up. 🙂

  15. John says

    Thanks for the tip Jeremy. I’ve written to one three times asking for details because they don’t even give you any details at all before expecting you to sign up. They have not replied at all since Feb. I have a lot of experience with affiliate marketing since early 2000’s, and it’s really looking like wanting to promote CBD is actually a total dead end and loss with no prospect of trustworthiness reason for confidence at all.

  16. cfonsec says

    Do you guys know of any programs with lifetime rev share?

  17. Nathan says

    Whats the lifetime cookie for an affiliate program?

  18. arnettbestbooks says

    Hi all have anyone on here have heard of CBD Affiliate Program called CTFO? I have just joined them and was suprise the company was not mention has there are soposed to be very big in the game. Any reviews about this company.

  19. james young (@jpy816) says

    I’m always were leery of companies that can’t put together a simple sentence, this isn’t the only errors on their home page, but this is a sample. “It takes people time to make a regarding about their health”
    “So if signs up for our affiliate ” and “customers will like return and purchase again” However, its worth looking into.

  20. LDDP says

    Anyone have experience with Hemplucid?

  21. Mark says

    Hempworx is an MLM

  22. aqibktk123211 says

    Any internatinal shipment service available in any affiliate

  23. Affiliates Earn Cash says

    I think many are confused about what an “Affiliate” is… It seems some are confusing an MLM Affiliate products with Affiliate Marketing products. MLM Affiliates are PAID COMMISSIONS based on actually physical product sales. Affiliates online using Affiliate Network Companies are promoting ONLINE WEBSITE PRODUCTS promoted by websites and blogs and other social media platforms. Don’t confuse the two they are completely DIFFERENT!

What are your thoughts?

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