Best Cannabis Seeds Affiliate Programs (Our TOP 3 Picks!)

The wonderful world of Cannabis is starting to reshape society! And no matter where you are positioned in this market, it all starts with a seed. The true heroes of our industry where those who risked their lives to pursue that special strain, to bring back that outstanding clone, to collect, maintain and share with the world their most valued treasure – the best possible genetics.

Our most heartfelt and universal shout out to Franco Loja, who passed away in early 2017. Love or hate him, his contributions to Cannabis breeding is only shadowed by his passion for Cannabis.

The thing about breeders is it takes several years of backcrossing to stabilize genetic traits. Thousands of hours carefully pollinating hundreds of plants, harvesting seeds, tasting bud, comparing results – all with the mission to find that exact smell, that exact color, or that much valued distinguishable high.

This takes some serious amounts of time, equipment, and commitment. Seeds do not last forever, even in specialized freezers. A breeder’s top concern is to maintain a genetic line alive. One wrong move, and you could lose a phenotype forever.

Seeds are the best grower’s secret weapon. It leads to great quality yields. This leads to closing sales at dispensaries. It is the direct result of the marijuana you put in your vape. If you grow sub-par weed, you are done for in this day and age.

There is nothing more compelling to growers than a reputable seed bank with a great list of offers. For smokers, there is nothing more enjoyable than having a great variety of weed to choose from.

And this is the beauty of these affiliates offers. Seeds are sold by the buckets precisely because people want variety and most growers can not handle the infrastructure required to maintain dozens of different strains.

Even if a grower specializes in one particular strain, he knows how valuable it is to keep popping seeds to find the next new super-performer to add to his roster. It is more of a quest than a financial demand.

As the starting point for the entire industry, seeds are the easiest thing to sell. Here we take a look at our top 3 choices for affiliate seed programs.

ILGM – 20%

But when we received our first month of conversion we got paid over $1200.

While this one may not be a seed affiliate, you'll want to promote these guys. They pay out 20% however their  calculations are done every 30 days, so you'll have to wait 30 days before you can see if your links have done any work. This was a first time I've seen a program do that.



Having opened to internet sales in 2003, Seedsman knows exactly how to operate in the space. They offer a great affiliate program using cutting edge technology – the Post Affiliate Pro 4 affiliate system.

They offer a flat 15% commission on referral, as well as a 5% downline on all subsequent affiliates you recruit.

You are welcome to make your own creative, but they also offer a significant amount of banners and HTML code that you are free to use. Just sign up, plug these into your traffic sources and you are set.

Sensi Seed

Sensi Seeds have created their own 20% affiliate program, on direct sales or indirect using a white label. Depending on sales volume, you could earn up to 30% on seeds sales. There is a flat rate 5% for all other products.

Sales generated per month % on Seeds % on other Products
=< € 5000 20 % 5 %
> € 5000 and =< € 8000 25 % 5 %
> € 8000 30 % 5 %

Sensi Seeds is by far one of the most reputed seed banks in the world. They hold the best Jack Herer and the best Northern Lights. These two strains alone represent the vast majority of stabilizes back crossing phylogenesis in the history of Cannabis. Their reputation alone is enough to sell seeds!

Best of all, their Affiliate Members area is fully loaded with a tracker, so you don’t even need to invest in that.

Payments are made by bank transfer on the 15th each month – minimum payout is 100€.  If you don’t reach this quote, the amount generated does get rolled over to the next month.

Simply join up, post links and earn money.


Nirvana Shop

Nirvana has been around for 25 years now.  They understand how the internet works. They created a very straightforward and attractive commission plan both seasoned affiliates or complete newbies dipping their feet.

They pay you a flat rate 25% on sales, regardless of the item or sales volume you generate. They too provide a complete performance marketing platform including sales tracking, creative materials like banners and HTML code, and an extensive FAQ section that is highly beneficial for newcomers. If this is not enough, they pledge to answer all your questions so that you become profitable as quickly as possible.

Being the nice people they are known for, they offer a 10€ bonus on sign-up. That is right! Just for signing up, you will receive 10€ as an incentive.

Payments are made once per month with a minimum threshold of 100€.

once per month with a minimum threshold of 100€.

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