Are There Different Strains Of CBD Plants?

If you’ve spent any time investigating the world of cannabis products, you’ve surely heard of strains. A strain is a variety of cannabis. Every strain has different characteristics, which begin with the strain’s unique genetics.

State by State CBD Laws

In the United States, the laws governing the possession and sale of CBD are somewhat confused. Prior to 2018, the situation was fairly cut and dry: CBD was federally illegal, and only available in limited states with a medical marijuana…

How CBD Can Help Control Your Anxiety

Anxiety is an issue that affects nearly all of us at one point or another. While it is perfectly normal to feel anxious about certain events or situations, for millions of people across the globe anxiety can develop into a nearly crippling

Sabaidee CBD Coupon Codes

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CBD and Diabetes

Diabetes has two types – Type 1 and Type 2. The treatment plans for each are different as in Type 1; the body cannot produce its own insulin. In Type 2 diabetes, producing enough insulin or having insulin resistance is the issue.

Which Cannabis Strains Contain the Most CBD?

Smoking hemp for the CBD isn’t exactly an option. Cannabis, on the other hand, can be bred specifically to have higher levels of CBD for those that want the relief without the high. For medical cannabis patients under age 18, these are

Can CBD Help with Depression?

If you battle depression and are looking for an all-natural option, cannabidiol (CBD) may be helpful. While cannabis has CBD, a majority of the strains are low in CBD content. Hemp has higher concentrations of CBD and very low THC (less

CBD and the Paleo Diet

A paleo diet reverts back to caveman times where dieters ponder – what did cavemen eat? In this lifestyle, the diet consists of food sourced by the most natural means possible or living off of the land. Hunting for natural foods like meat,

Best CBD Cocktail Recipes

Becoming more popular both at the bar and at home, CBD cocktails are a great way to calm down while enjoying a classic cocktail at the end of the day. If you have used CBD gummies as a natural relaxant or for its other various health…