7 Weed Hacks for the Entrepreneur. Weed in the Workplace?

Just because you show up to a workplace and wear business casual or formal clothing, doesn’t mean that you have to put aside your enjoyment of the cannabis plant throughout the business day.
Many marijuana smokers claim that using cannabis throughout their work day helps improve their productivity and focus while providing them a dose of creativity.

This isn’t to say that all stoners should cross the line and become marijuana users on the job. Some professions complete regular drug screening of their employees, especially when machinery or safety issues are at stake. On the other hand, many other professions do not undergo screening, not affecting the user’s enjoyment of the ever-giving cannabis plant.

If you have a job that will allow you to thrive intellectually and mentally while using marijuana throughout the work day, here are a few hacks that will help you get your cannabis on:

1 Choose Your Strain Wisely

 Not all strains are created equal. As any seasoned marijuana smoker will know, there are hundreds of strains that span from sativas to indicas to hybrids. These different strains boast distinct characteristics in the resulting high that sets then apart from others.
If you’re considering adding weed to your work day, be sure what you’re smoking isn’t going to derail your productivity. There are specific strains that contain properties resulting in relaxation, focus, creative energy, mental energy and reduce restlessness, which can all feed into your productivity. Just make sure you don’t get yourself too relaxed on the job!

2 Vape It Up

 People like to use vaporizers to get their 420 fix because they are discreet and produce little to no odor or chance of your weed smoke sticking to your business suit.

Whether you’re using a vaporizer that burns flower, wax (concentrate), or you have ventured into cannabis oils, you’ll know that the vaporizers available on the market are vast in function and aesthetic.

Shop around for both vaporizers and strains to vape for the best combination of function and discretion. You may choose to use a vape pen, which is easily portable and can be easily passed off as a nicotine vaporizer. Alternatively, there are many slick designs out for vapes that can pass off as a cell phone or other everyday object allowing for you to slide right under the radar with your vape tokes.

3 Coffee Anyone?

 The edible market for cannabis has become incredibly sophisticated, seeing some of the culinary geniuses of this world step up to offer cannabis-infused products. People are now starting to drink their cannabis as more options become available.
Included in the edible market are cannabis-infused coffee pods, and cold coffee beverages, allowing the coffee drinker to have the morning canna-fix and the morning coffee all in one swoop.

4 Milk It

 Whether you’re having some canna-coffee or just your regular brew, you may be able to add an extra kick in your coffee by making some cannamilk.
Cannamilk can be made to appeal to many dietary needs and preferences and you can control the strength by the amount of cannabis you add in.
When making cannamilk, the key is the fat content in your milk/non-dairy product. The higher the fat content, the more your THC will absorb and release the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

5 CBDs (Non-Psychoactive)

 Cannabis enthusiasts know that you don’t always need to get high to appreciate the benefits that cannabis can provide for your work day.
Cannabidiols (CBD), are a compound found within the naturally occurring cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBDs, and their effects are often confused due to its origin in the cannabis plant, but CBD products made from hemp aren’t meant to get you high since they do not contain THC.
CBDs can be used in various forms such as drops, oils, and tinctures, and produce many benefits to the user from both the dietary/nutrition and cognitive perspectives.
Those who may experience anxiety or some forms of social restlessness may benefit from a micro dosing of CBD within their work day. They may experience a calming feeling to help them bring focus to their work day.

6 Put it in Your Lunch Bag

 Edibles can get you high discreetly while at work. Whether you’re making a sandwich that contains some canna-butter, or you’ve added some canna-oil to your peanut butter, or you’ve packed a weed cookie, your edible can give you that kick to get through your afternoon.
As mentioned, the market for edibles has become very sophisticated, allowing you to eat your cannabis almost any way you could imagine. At the same time, canna-enthusiasts are enthusiastically sharing their recipes for some of the finest experiences in cannabis dining.
Sneaking a little canna-treat into your lunch won’t hurt anyone, will it? Just be sure you’re fully aware of the cautions around dosing while using edibles.

7 Discretion is Key

 No matter where you live, or what the status of legalization is, it’s generally pretty frowned upon to use intoxicants at work. If you are going to consider adding cannabis to your work day, first use common sense to ensure you are not putting yourself or anyone else in danger.
Equally important is using your discretion. While the marijuana industry has a ton of new and innovative products to help you smoke in secret, you should abide by local laws, workplace guidelines, and be sure not to flaunt your cannabis use. It’s OK to keep your cannabis secrets under wraps in certain contexts.
Go Forth in Productivity

Marijuana culture has come a long way in allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of our favorite plant many, more refined ways. It’s no longer about rolling gagger joints or ripping huge bongs beside a Bob Marley poster in someone’s basement. Cannabis culture is thriving and has taken on a huge sense of professionalism that can be perpetuated by understanding and celebrating that cannabis use can be beneficial within professional contexts.

Enjoy responsibly, and professionally!

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